Monday, June 15, 2015

Roaring for Him by Celia Kyle

Title:Roaring For Him
Series:  Wicked in Wilder, 1
Author:Celia Kyle
Publisher:Summerhouse Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Can cats and dogs get along? Maybe. What about werelions and werewolves? If it’s Tilly and Mitchell, definitely. Or rather, maybe. If he’d just get his head out of his…
Half-werelion Tilly McBride owns Bless Your Tart, the South’s latest and greatest bakery. Or at least the best one in Georgia. Fine. It’s the best in Wilder, Georgia, mainly because it’s the only one. She manages to balance running the shop, keeping her middle sister in college, and making sure she doesn’t kill her youngest sister before she graduates high school. 

She’s a proprietor, an older sister and… a mate? At least that’s what local werewolf alpha Mitchell Blake seems to think. He also assumes she’ll hop on the Bang Town Express the second they meet. Sure, he’s hot. Hotter than hot with his muscles and that smile and the way he growls… Should. Be. Illegal. But is he better than a chocolate cupcake with buttercream icing? That is the question. She’s afraid the answer might be yes.

Werewolf Mitchell Blake thinks the answer to every question should be yes. Yes, he wants Tilly. Yes, he craves Tilly. Yes, he’d like to bend Tilly over the pack’s claiming altar and mate her so everyone will know she’s his. She. Belongs. To. Him. He just has to convince her first. That shouldn’t be a problem. He’s the Wilder alpha. Every woman wants to be with him. Except one curvy, annoying, delicious package named Tilly McBride.

Mitchell will have her. Just as soon as he gets rid of the one trying to end their mating before it has a chance to start. Permanently.

A cat mated to a wolf?  Never in a million years did Mitchell think he would be mated and to a cat no less, but fate had other ideas and that delectable scent belongs to Tilly, a lioness.  Getting his pack to accept a cat as Alpha Bitch may be a battle but first he has to convince Tilly to trust him is an even tougher one.  Mating a wolf and pack Alpha, Mitch, to loner and lioness Tilly is only half the battle.  Tilly is a half-shifter and in a world which appreciates full shifters with a rabidness that borders on bigotry, Celia Kyle set up quite the pickle inRoaring For Him.   But if anyone can handle it thenMs. Kyle can and I must say I enjoyed seeing what she had in store for Mitch and Tilly.  Not only did they have to deal with cats and dogs getting along, they also had to deal with a selfish mother and bigotry and challenges within Mitch’s pack.  Let me start by saying, Mitch has become my new book boyfriend.  To say I adored him would not adequately articulate just I how much I loved him.  He wasn’t necessarily happy to have a mate but once he accepted Tilly was his, he began the battle to win Tilly’s trust.  Notice I didn’t say heart.  Her trust has been trampled and her belief in anyone other than her sisters and her best friend is non-existent.  Mitch had to show Tilly he would put her first and boy does he ever!  Ms. Kyle did not sugar coat Tilly’s issues nor did she make it easy for Mitch to find his way into her life.  In fact she dumped a few more issue into the mix just to make things a bit more interesting.  And lest you think it was a bit too heavy, Ms. Kyle threw in her trademark humor to make the medicine more palatable.  This was a well written and enjoyable read.  I found myself equally charmed by Mitch even as I wanted to cry for what Tilly endured.  Then Ms. Kyle threw in some lighthearted humor that had me laughing out loud even as I felt Mitch’s pain and discomfort.  The first in this series had a wonderful mixture of humor, chemistry and love.  And I for one cannot wait to see what happens next in this series.

                    Five Shooting Stars

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