Sunday, June 14, 2015

Purrfect Protector by SA Welsh

Title:Purrfect Protector
Series:  Shifter Protection Specialists Inc., 1
Author:SA Welsh
Publisher:Totally Bound
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
Word Count:54,906
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Never play cat and mouse with a saber-tooth tiger.
When Kale Andrews gets disturbing mail from an obsessed fan, his brother drags him to Shifter Protection Specialists, Inc. Kale reluctantly agrees to have a bodyguard, but when a tall, muscular blond walks into the office emanating power and a sexy dose of danger, Kale’s doubts about needing the man with him twenty-four hours a day quickly disappear.
The easy babysitting job Aleksi was promised quickly changes from strange mail to threatening deliveries, so Aleksi has to become creative to keep his protectee out of danger. Everyone knows models are self-centered and shallow, so why does being with Kale make him feel like he finally has a home? Since he’s a saber-tooth tiger and naturally dominant, most people aren’t strong enough to be with him in a relationship or even as a friend. Yet Kale seems to calm his beast, simultaneously exciting the man in Aleksi.
Neither man expects nor wants a relationship with strings, but as they grow closer, Aleksi realizes that Kale might be his mate. With an obsessed fan escalating toward murder, Aleksi isn’t sure that even his tiger can keep his mate safe.

Pretty is as pretty does or is it?  In SA Welsh’s Purrfect Protectorwill Aleksi be able to look past Kale’s profession to see the man behind the pretty face? Can Kale learn to trust Aleksi to protect not only his body but his heart as well?  Kale maybe a top male model but he knows it is fleeting and he intends to milk his popularity while he can.  He will not allow some sick fan to control his actions or cause him to live in fear.  But for his brother’s peace of mind he will hire protection.  Aleksi would rather handle anything other than protect an empty but pretty head, but is Kale as fake as Aleksi assumes.  Kale turned Aleksi’s head in more than one way.  He was down to earth in spite of the world he inhabited.  I enjoyed seeing Kale, someone who on his face would appear to be uber confident, instead find himself tongue tied by Aleksi.  He isn’t quite sure what to make of his bodyguard but he knows Aleksi trips ever trigger he has.  With Kale’s body on board you would think convincing Kale they have a future would be easy for Aleksi but both men are afraid to commit.  Neither is comfortable believing a relationship started under these conditions has a chance of success.  But as danger winds ever closer, Aleksi and Kale must learn to trust in each other.  Ms. Welsh kept us on edge waiting to see if they would embrace each other before a stalker takes away their choices.  This was a well written and enjoyable quick read.  I am looking forward to seeing who Ms. Welsh will provide love and protection via the Shifter Protection Specialist Inc.

                               FOur twinkling Stars 

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