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Possession of the Soul by Trinity Blacio

Title:Possession of the Soul
Series: The Fantasy is Alive, 1
Author:Trinity Blacio
Publisher:Riverdale Avenue Books
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M/F and M/F/M
PageCount:198 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna

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Publisher Blurb
Can one woman handle a foursome made up of an Anasazi god, a demon and an alpha werewolf as lovers?
Ever since Tabatha’s family was murdered, she’s always faced things head-on, but now those killers and their allies are trying to kill her, too.
As the foursome works to solve the mystery of Tabatha’s special purpose, Wol-itelm, Chax and Hoyt must battle the enemy when it strikes their home.  Snakes, wayward demons, and opposing were-clans attack Tabatha every chance they get. All three of Tabatha’s mates must come together to fight these enemies to save the woman they love.
Can they save her, and can they also tame their wild female both in bed and out of it?

I will start by saying this story is a re-release and other than editing there are no substantial changes to this story.  The previous title was Declaration of Possession by Maria Moonstar.  The story has changed publishers and also the title to Possession of the Soul by Trinity Blacio.  I am a fan of this story and have re-read it many times.  Tabatha is such a spitfire.  She has lost her family only to learn she hasn’t lost as much as she thought.  The way she handles the changes happening quickly is well articulated by Ms. Blacio.  Tabatha finds herself mated not only to a shifter but a demon and god as well.  Each one is dominant and in their efforts to protect Tabatha, she must fight being smothered.  I loved seeing her antics even as she taught her men the fine art of compromise.  She fought to move beyond the loss of her family and refused to allow her men to force her to live in fear.  I loved seeing Tabatha with her best friend.  Ms. Blacio allowed us to see just how far Tabatha had come and what she was fighting to maintain through her interaction with Melody.  I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between Tabatha and her men.  I also enjoyed the world that Ms. Blacio is building with these characters and I cannot wait to see what happens next!

                       Five Shooting Stars

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