Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Double the Risk by Samantha Cayto

Title: Double the Risk
Series: Boston Brave, 2
Author: Samantha Cayto
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Menage, contemporary M/F/M
Pages: 194
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher’s Blurb
After the deaths of his parents and having to raise his younger brother, Detective Ronan Callaghan looks for three things—a good time, his next case, and when time allows, the man who murdered his family. The jury is still out on his new partner, but the hot new medical examiner at the first crime scene they share does it for him hands down.

Diego Nieves hopes his new job in Boston will allow him to shake the painful memories of an on-duty shooting. Haunted by the event, he takes his job seriously and isn’t certain he can work with a cavalier partner. He sure as hell wants to work more closely with the pretty ME standing over his first homicide vic.

Newly free from a long and boring engagement, medical examiner Cassidy Barnes is finally free to cut loose with her sex life. She’s determined to break old patterns and start taking new chances. When two sexy cops catch her eye, she can’t resist either—the charming rogue or the serious romantic.

Just when Ronan and Diego begin to click as partners, their simultaneous relationship with Cassidy pits them as rivals. As each man vies for her attention, Cassidy struggles to choose between them. Solving the case and keeping Cassidy just might mean Ronan and Diego must to learn to work together…in more ways than one.

This is my first time reading the Boston Brave series by author Samantha Cayto. I really like the characters and the story arc. There is action, adventure, little bit of mystery and whole lotta lovin’  just the way I like a book. Double the Risk is a ménage that has a little twist to it. I liked that very much.  Both of these men both court our heroine separately but she cannot just have one of them. They have to figure out how to make it work, how do you do a ménage relationship if you never even thought you wanted one before?
Ronan is the easy going one. He is willing to jump in with both feet.  I liked that about him.  He is also willing to let Cassidy lead.  He just wants the chance to love her. In this book we get to see how he is dealing with his parents death from so long ago.  I liked that Ronan raised his brother, and despite coming off arrogant and cocky sometimes he really is a good person.
Diego is the new guy in town. He seems to be stealing Ronan’s woman at first right from out under his nose. At first that made me think he was a jerk.  I mean who does that right?  Well Ronan does his fair share of egging Diego on and girl stealing.  But Diego is also unsure of his place in this new city.  He is really nervous and thinks a lot of things that might not be a slight are a slight at first. He needs some of Ronan’s easy going nature. What makes them good partners on the force.
Cassidy I loved that she is a strong self assured woman. She cannot believe that she is dating them both at first. But soon she cannot live without them. I liked how she proved to be the leader in this relationship. She is capable and does not need to be rescued. Very refreshing to read.
Over all mystery, suspense, and a little bit of danger make this book a worth while read. I would really like to see where this series goes next. We are sorta left on a cliff hanger of sorts on Ronan’s parents I would love to know more. Keep the books coming. 

                                 Five Shooting stars

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