Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Biocybe by Imogene Nix

Title: Biocybe
Author: Imogene Nix
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Genre: MF, Scifi
Pages: 176
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Can a cyber-enhanced warrior and a ship's captain find love together?

Levia Endrado never wanted to be a warrior, but at seventeen she was deemed suitable for battle. After intense training and multiple enhancements, which gave her superior strength and healing ability, she was sent off to defeat the enemy—a killing machine with a mission.

When the war was over, she had to find a new life. At twenty-seven she's a washed-up veteran without a future. Or she was, until she met Sandon Daria.

Serving as a pilot aboard Sandon's spaceship the Golden Echo makes Levia long for a different and gentler life. But old hurts and even older enemies aren't so easily forgotten. Particularly when they come back for her.

Sandon is determined to show Levia that she's more than just a BioCybe…she's the woman who completes him. Getting close is just the first step, keeping her alive is an even bigger challenge, but one he's willing to take because the prize is their combined future.

Content Warning: This book contains a broken heroine, a sexy hero, and a happy ever after that'll melt even the hardest heart.

Biocybe by Imogene Nix is an amazing scifi book. I loved the character of Levia.  Her transformation from innocent girl to cyborg warrior touched my heart.  I really felt her pain, her fear, and her determination. I liked that through all she went through she still remains a loving caring person. It is just harder to see that later on. You have to get through all of her barriers she has erected.
Sandon needs a new pilot. This is how he meets Levia.  They do not get together right away. I liked that this is a gradual process. We really get to know them both before there is a love story.  Sandon is a fair-minded  captain. He is brave, sweet, and completely lovable.
He is softer than Levia and I think he needs to be. It helps Levia find the woman inside herself. I liked that very much.  I can say the emotional connection and great world building made me fall in love with this book.  I really highly recommend it to all that love a great romance with some scifi in it.  I hope there is more in this world. I think there is a lot that can be done, and I would love to read it. 

                      Five Shooting Stars 

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