Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yves by Sean Michael

Yves (Shibari Auction House 11) by Sean  MichaelTitle: Yves
Series: Shibari Auction House, 11
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: MM, BDSM
Pages: 50
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
When Tony propositioned Yves on Christmas Eve, the man who runs the Shibari Auction House took Tony in for the week. Now that it's a brand new year, Yves wants Tony to stay, permanently.

Tony adores Yves and is more than willing to give up hooking in exchange for a menial job so he can stay with Yves. He's worried, though, that his pimp isn't going to be happy that he escaped.

Sure enough, their idyllic life is interrupted when Robbie shows up, threatening not only Tony, but Yves as well

Yves by Sean Michael is the 11th book in the Shibari Auction House series.  I feel the series should be read in order. Helps with the nuances of the book and to get a feel for the world we are in.
Yves protective, loving, dominate but with a touch of softness to the domination. I like him for many reasons but mostly for his gentle nature.  You do not get to see that much in dominates like that. He is loving but strong just what Tony needs.
Tony is still finding where he fits into the world in this book. It’s a progression that has been coming for a while now. I liked seeing that. I like that he wants to find himself beyond just being a sub to Yves.
These two are really perfect for each other. I love this entire series and highly recommend it. If you love MM, true love, and a bit of BDSM spice thrown in this is the book for you. 

                             Five Shooting Stars

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