Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Unbreakable Bonds by Taige Crenshaw and Aliyah Burke

Title: Unbreakable Bonds
Author: Taige Crenshaw and Aliyah Burke
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: time travel, MF, Multi-cultural
Pages: 221
Reviewer: Redz
Buy Link https://www.totallybound.com/unbreakable-bonds

Publisher’s Blurb
 When fantasy becomes reality, it brings to life one who has traveled through time, and a woman finds a man who sets her body ablaze with passion.
Ta-Mara LeBreaux finds escape reading a love story of a couple who get together despite all odds. Yet she never expected to be caught in her own tale—the outcome of which will be up to the fickleness of destiny. A man appears in her life and all signs point to the fact that he is the same Levi from her book—a book she has read countless times. She must be crazy… However when the impossible becomes reality, Ta-Mara is faced with Levi who has come from between the pages to her world. He’s all her dreams come true. This man is all too real and sexy as hell. But is she living on borrowed time with Levi, who can’t possibly be hers?
Levi Jefferson Davis Madison doesn’t know what brought him to this time or this particular woman. He is sure of one thing. Ta-Mara is the light that fills his soul. He won’t let anything or anyone stand between them. Yes this present time is so much different than he is used to but he won’t let that stop him. By opening first her home then her heart to a stranger, she shows him the depths of her character. Loving her is easy but being able to keep her by his side is his greatest challenge. Or is it…? There are some things that go beyond time and space. When love meets time, nothing can get in the way of unbreakable bonds.

Taige Crenshaw and Aliyah Burke make a great writing team in Unbreakable Bonds. I love the idea that love can transcend time and come again. Levi has lost his love when we meet him. He is also fighting the civil war. He is devastated to know his love is dead.  But because his heart is pure and his love is strong the powers that be are going to give him another chance at love. Only with a little twist.
Ta-Mara Le Breaux works in a book store in the twentieth century.  She loves to read, the old south is her favorite subject. I guess that is good thing since well Levi is gonna fall into her book store. Literally.  She has a strong spirit, very compassionate, and a wicked sense of humor that won me over from page one.
I am so glad Levi gets another chance at his love. I liked that he was real, he went through the stages of grief and finding a love again. He was not all ohh I have a love let’s forget my old one. He has a lot to run through in his own mind before he can give into the love with Ta-Mara.  But watching it all unfold and seeing the outcome is an amazing ride. I loved this story, I want more like this from this team of authors. They really drew me in and made me fall in love. 

                    Five Shooting Stars

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