Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Seeker Box Set by Ditter Kellen

Title: The Seeker: Box Set
Author: Ditter Kellen
Publisher:  DK Media, LLC
Genre: M/F, Paranormal, suspense
Pages: 526
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Ember Wells knows the meaning of terror. A reporter by day, her nights are spent hiding from a serial killer known as The Seeker. He's stalked her for a year, terrorizing her through the lens of a camera.
Held prisoner by paranoia, fear becomes a lonely companion...until she meets Angelo Dimitrov, a dark, mysterious stranger who sets her world on fire.

Angelo Dimitrov is not what he seems. Sexy as sin and shrouded in secrets, he appears out of nowhere and moves in next door. Should Ember run from this stranger with the moss green eyes or give in to her heart and be burned alive...

The Seeker Box set by Ditter Kellen contains, Ember Burns, Ember Learns, Ember Yearns, Ember Discerns, and Ember Turns.
Ember is a photo journalist. She is just promoted to that position when we meet her. She is confident and sexy too.  She has been at the paper for eight years and happy with her success.  She has been through a really rough time her last case involved a serial killer, and one of her co workers refuses to take no for an answer when asking her out.
Angelo we meet him when Ember comes home one day and the sparks fly. We don’t know a lot about Angelo in the first book. He is just dark and mysterious.
From there each story we learn more about Angelo and Ember.  Angelo is far more than he first appears to be… and so is Ember.  Watching Ember evolve and become who and what she was meant to be is a gradual process but felt like it was suppose to be happening. I liked the flow the books always giving me a peek and making me want more.  I suggest reading these when you have the time to sink into a great paranormal romance with a ton of heat in it. Ember truly is a remarkable woman and I loved getting to know her.

                               Five Shooting Stars

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