Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tempering Steel by Lea Barrymire

Title: Tempering Steel
Series title: Coyote Bluff, Book 2
Author: Lea Barrymire
Publisher: Lea Barrymire
Genre: Paranormal (M/F, oral sex, adult language)
Page Count:156
Reviewer: Cassiopeia
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Publisher Blurb:

After months of aching to be with grumpy Sheriff Connor Manning, Margarete Barrie finally gets her chance when a coyote shifter takes refuge in her home. She burns with need every time they’re close, but even she can only take rejection so many times before giving up.

Connor’s resolve to stay away from Margie weakens when she takes in his packmate. Fighting his inner animal and jealousy makes him question his decision to leave women and love alone.

They’re thrown together to catch a trapper or hunter threatening the pack. But once things start to heat up even the possibility of danger doesn’t cool the tension between them.

Review of book:

There are authors who write in the paranormal genre, and then there are those who rock it like nobody’s business. Lea Barrymire is most definitely in the latter category, and Tempering Steel is a prime example why. She crafts irresistible characters, and creates tempting plots that pack a punch – regardless of the piece’s length. This book, the second in the Coyote Bluff series can easily be read as a stand alone story, though if you're as inquisitive as I am, then reading the first book in the series is the way to go. Admittedly, I'll be reading them out of order, but I can assure you that it didn’t affect my enjoyment of Tempering one bit.
There's something to be said for a guy who can admit he's been behaving badly – and Connor certainly fit the bill. I could certainly appreciate how difficult it was for him to swallow his fear and pride and take the chance on forging a relationship with Margie. Especially since she gave him no quarter. I loved that Margie was so strong – her refusal to be anything other than herself was inspiring. Underneath her wise assed exterior, She was a complex individual that always kept me guessing. I was constantly amused by the comments that seemed to just fall out of her mouth.I'm a sucker for a heroine that has an underlying vulnerability; it made her the perfect foil for Connor’s stubborn nature.
Tempering Steel was a huge win for me, and while I don't often say that about a book, Ms. Barrymire has certainly earned the accolade. I’m eagerly waiting for the next installment in the series - I'm not ready to leave the residents of Coyote Bluff behind just yet.

  • Five Shooting Stars

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