Thursday, May 14, 2015

Star Dust Award: Adding Tyn by Danica Avet

Title: Adding Tyn
Series: Caressed by Starlight part two
Author: Danica Avet
Publisher: Danica Avet 
Genre: Menage, sci fi, futuristic
Pages: 91
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
En’Daria is on the run from an unknown enemy, aided by a pit fighter and a cyborg hybrid she isn’t sure she should trust. While she grows closer every day to Croe’ix, her attraction to Tyn-Hy the Cold leave her confused. She wants him. She’s wary of him. She’s enchanted by the glimpses of vulnerability she sees in him, but also senses the danger hidden beneath his emotionless façade. Ominous dreams and erotic interludes with her traveling companions leave Daria wondering if she’ll return to Endiku with her heart intact.
Tyn-Hy the Cold has never been this disturbed in his remembered existence. He worships at the altars of Logic and Emotional Distance, yet from the moment he sees En’Daria, things begin to change. When the princess’s enemy offers him the one thing he wants, it seems a logical choice to get closer to En’Daria to gain her trust before he ends her life. But between a highly protective Croe’ix and the strange feelings En’Daria stirs in him, he will have to decide if bonding with them both is worth giving up his quest to discover his past and, instead, look to the future.

Note: This is the second book in a four-part serial. This book contains strong sexual content between consenting adults such as anal play and male/female/male ménage scenes.


Adding Tyn by author Danica Avet is the second part of Caressed by Starlight serial.  I cannot get enough of this series.  Seriously Ms. Avet is turning out to be one of my favorite authors.  She brings heat, connection, and amazing story telling together to make an unforgettable story you just want more of. The fact this is a serial  is just that much more exciting.
Croe and Daria are back. They are still running from the Evil Queen from the first book. We find out the Evil Queen really is powerful in this book. Daria needs all the help she can get. It is a good thing that Croe is a prize fighter and Tyn is a cyborg.  Tyn needs Daria more than even he knows. He thinks he can turn on and off his emotions because he is part machine. He is about to learn when it comes to love his human half is much stronger than he thinks.
 I love how Daria never gives up on Tyn.  Even when Tyn gives up on himself, and Croe he is a pure alpha male who understands that they are all meant to be together.  It doesn’t threaten his self image at all to add  his best friend to the mix. 
Watching Tyn go through his range of emotions was a powerful thing. I really loved him. He is pure alpha male with a huge loving heart that he is just now getting to explore.
And the ending of this boo well let’s just say I cannot wait for part three and how Sarin will come into the mix.  When you want a great scifi romance with strong characters and great storyline this is the one to pick up.  This is not a standalone story.  Must be read in order. 
                  Five shooting stars and a Star Dust Award

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