Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sometimes the Cowboy Falls by BL Dayoff

Title: Sometimes The Cowboys Falls
Author: BL Dayoff
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: MM, Cowboy, Contemporary
Pages:  60
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Blake knows two things: riding bulls and sleeping around. So when he runs afoul of a nasty bull and is laid up in the hospital, he finds his life turned on its side. The accident leaves him tangled up inside -- physically and emotionally.
Jack, his new boyfriend, is there for him during his recuperation, but it's his demanding physical therapist, Ivan, who stars in his dreams. As Blake struggles to get back on his feet and rebuild his new life, he realizes he's fallen in more than one way -- and he wonders if Ivan is interested in wrangling a stubborn cowboy.

Sometimes the Cowboy Falls by BL Dayoff is a story of Blake coming into his own. Finding himself after all he thought he had is taken away. Blake is a rodeo rider.  He also is gay and been through all the cute gay men who would say yes at the rodeos. He is not one to commit.  But when he falls off a bull and his rodeo days are over he has to find himself without being in the rodeo.  I liked watching his progression from basically horn dog to sweet man you would love to hang around.
Ivan his love interest is perfect for Blake. He is strong, doesn’t take Blake’s attitude, but also willing to try new things and listen.  Perfect for Blake.
When you want a romance that shows real progression of a character and is a fast fun read this is the one to pick up.

                 Four Twinkling Stars

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