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Shining Star Award: Wild After Dark by Various Authors

Title: Wild After Dark
Authors: Helena Maeve, Elizabeth Coldwell, Wendi Zwaduk, Aurelia T. Evans, Nan Comargue, Lucy Felthouse
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre:  Ménage and Multipartners, vampires, wereshifters
Pages: 241
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
‘Beyond the Poison Chalice’ by Helena Maeve
Coveting the enemy is simply to die for.
Claudia Salizar has given blood, sweat and tears to the tenuous armistice between the factions that inhabit St. Louis. She rules the north side with an iron fist, striving to keep the peace between vampires, werewolves and humans no matter the cost. Stumbling across two mysterious intruders who may jeopardize everything she’s worked for is no small inconvenience.
The pair need safe passage out of the vampire quarter and they’re willing to negotiate. Claudia is immediately drawn to Silver, a human with an unusually delectable scent whose tantalizing touch brings her to the height of ecstasy. His taciturn companion is harder to crack, but Claudia has met her fair share of werewolves and giving herself to Lucan awakens desires she has too long suppressed.
Justice is soon the furthest thing from Claudia’s mind, but colluding with outsiders can have unforeseen ramifications. It’s not long before running Silver and Lucan out of town seems like the only sensible option. Time for Claudia to decide what she values more—her hard-won reputation or the two men in her bed?

‘Steal Your Soul Away’ by Elizabeth Coldwell
In Brighton, the undead come alive when the sun goes down. Can a vampire and a werewolf put their differences aside and join a human in the ultimate threesome?
Angelique is not like other burlesque dancers. For one thing, she’s been a vampire for over two hundred years. Her rule has always been ‘look but don’t touch’, until she meets hot young sculptor Tom. But she’s also attracted to his friend, Lucas, even though she knows him to be a lycan—the last creature she’d ever want to get involved with. Desire and distrust mix in an explosive combination as Angelique is drawn closer to both Tom and Lucas.
Tom Lawless is a star on the rise about to exhibit his sculptures at the Cities After Dark show at Brighton Pavilion. When he sees beautiful dancer Angelique, it’s lust at first sight and his need for her doesn’t fade, even when he learns she’s one of the undead. If only he could make her realise that his best friend Lucas is a cool guy and not a threat, their twosome could become a very happy threesome.
Lucas Canning has secrets he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing. Just how do you tell your closest friend that you sometimes need to shift into wolf form? And now that friend is dating a gorgeous woman vamp. Lucas is crazy about Angelique but can’t get involved with her without hurting Tom. Perhaps the night of the exhibition will give him a chance to show her he’s not the bad guy in all this and finally give his animal passion free rein. Because everything gets a little wild when the sun goes down…
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of voyerism.

‘Taken In’ by Wendi Zwaduk
Find what you need at the Store Front. Blood, sex…we have it all just for you.
The supernaturals have taken over the earth, leaving the humans to serve them. The Store Front is one place for the supernaturals to find partners for feeding and sexual needs. Vic, a wolf shifter, and Gale, a vampire, have a special human female they love to visit. They know the bond between them goes far beyond the bedroom, but convincing Kitty the triad should happen might not be so easy.
Kitty longs to leave the Store Front and the total darkness of the earth. The one bright spot in her day is a visit from Gale and Vic. She loves the two supernatural men, even if she can’t voice the words. Do they return her affections on a deeper level or is she just a pawn to them? She’s not sure, but she’s willing to risk her heart and get wild after dark in order to find out.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex.

‘Intervention’ by Aurelia T. Evans
It starts as an intervention for a friend, but it ends in bloodshed, lust, betrayal and death…as love often does after dark.
When Emily’s husband, Land, calls her to come down to the warehouse district at sunset, she thinks it’s just another job for their para-extermination company.
However, he says that he’s finally caught Matt, the third member of their team, who was bitten by a werewolf a few weeks ago and has been missing ever since.
Emily races to the warehouse, where instead of the friendly intervention she and Land had planned, she finds Matt wild in his cage, a creepy vampire duct-taped to a pipe, Land covered in blood from a bite mark on his neck—and not a single easy answer in sight.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of horror, gore and death.

‘Darker Nights’ by Nan Comargue
Lawyer Delia Darker’s world becomes very dark when two new clients turn out to be immortal vampires—and her long-time fantasy.
Delia Darker works at her family’s law firm, serving vampires and other immortals, but she has long ago gotten over her own lust for vampire males after being hurt and abandoned by one. When her colleague forces her to take over a meeting with two of his clients, she’s suddenly thrown into the night-time world of music, partying and incredible sex. How can she resist spending the night with Mark Lyons and Caleb Jennings?
Caleb has been searching for his and Mark’s one true mate, the ideal match prophesized for immortals. However, Mark is skeptical. Immortality just doesn’t seem to go with a committed long-term relationship. It doesn’t matter how attractive Delia is, he just doesn’t think it’s going to work—but he’s willing to give it a try for his best friend’s sake.
When that first wild night turns into a series of sexy encounters, Delia starts worrying that she might be falling for Mark and Caleb—and that certainly wasn’t the plan. She isn’t sure she wants to become an immortal. Sleeping with both a vampire and a werewolf might be a crazy experiment that’s all right for a little while, but the two males couldn’t want more than that, could they?

‘Sated’ by Lucy Felthouse
A human, a vampire and a werewolf walked into a bar. Sexy is what happens next.
Since getting together with her vampire boyfriend, Ace, Aneesa is enjoying a sex life she could never have with a human. Ace has skill, strength, stamina…and is massively adventurous. Aneesa is checking things off her sexual bucket list at a rate of knots. However, she hasn’t even come close to experiencing the ultimate item on her list. So when Ace beats her to it, proposing a threesome with his werewolf friend, Barton, Aneesa’s definitely up for it.
Barton is attractive, smart and sexy—almost too good to be true, in fact. Aneesa decides not to jump straight into things, but makes sure it’s what she truly wants. However, it turns out Barton’s not so easily dissuaded.
Will Aneesa get the ultimate erotic experience she’s desired for so long? Will she be truly sated, or is the plan doomed to failure?

Wild After Dark anthology has stories featured by Helena Maeve, Elizabeth Coldwell, Wendi Zwaduk, Aurelia T. Evans, Nan Comargue, and Lucy Felthouse.  They are all diverse and fun in their own way. I found two in this anthology I really fell in love with.
Beyond the Poison Chalice by Helena Mauve
Claudia Salizar handles territorial squabbles. She is pretty jaded and tough as nails.  You do not want her to have to make you fall in line. She will kick your butt.
When she saves a human from being supper for a wolf and a vampire she gets way more than she bargained for in the process.
Silver has been experimented on. He is now vampire catnip and since Claudia is a vampire she is having a hard time not eating him. Silver is human but his pheromones are hard for Claudia to resist.  He doesn’t know how he got the way he is or why.
Lucan is a werewolf he is protecting Silver. He is also an old flame of Claudia’s. Their attraction is hard to ignore. He is brave, loyal, and passionate just the way I like my wolves.
I found this story to be intense, well written, and one I would want a full novel of.  I hope Ms. Mauve writes more of this world in the future. I really would be in line to read it.  I hated that this story had to end.
The next story I fell in love with is
Taken In by Wendi Zwaduk
This one we have the story of Kitty. She is really not happy with how the world is and the paranormal creatures that live in it.  She is property of a vampire, and works in a brothel.  She does it to survive and hopes one day she won’t have to do this to live. After all blood and sex is not the only reason she wants to live for.
She is a very strong character. Despite the odds she still fights to be her own person on her own terms, I really liked that about her.
Gale is a vampire Vic is a wolf. They both want Kitty. They want to protect her and make her theirs forever.  They are both strong men who know the rules. They have to play inside them for so long before they will break them all to have their mate.
This story really made me want more too. I want to know more about this world and see where it all leads. 
Over all Wild After Dark is a well written diverse anthology. I highly recommend to all paranormal lovers. This has a little bit of something for everyone. I like how the stories tie into the same world too. Helps it feel like the stories are meant to go together and when you are reading it you really stay inside the world they have built.   

                Five Shooting Stars and A shining Star award 

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