Monday, May 18, 2015

Shining Star Award: Perfect Fit by Taige Crenshaw

Title:Perfect Fit
Series: Singleton, 2
Author:Taige Crenshaw
Publisher:Totally Bound
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
Word Count:52,253
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
When your love for someone is tested, how do you get beyond the silence and pain back to what made you become an us?
After a busy day, Regina Jacobs gets home to the empty house she used to share with her husband. The sight of the divorce papers waiting for her devastates her. She loves her husband and although they have not lived together for a while or even really talked, she'd thought they could work it out. She pushes off the hurt and embraces the fury. She won't give up her ‘us' without a fight. Determined to reclaim the man who she has known was hers from the time she was a teenager, Regina seeks out her husband—the man who knows her heart, soul and body, and sets each aflame.
Spencer Jacobs knows he is doing the right thing in filing for divorce. It is painful but he knows it is necessary. He loves Regina but sometimes love is not enough. When Regina comes to him after receiving the papers, Spencer doesn't know what to make of her words that he was giving up so easily on them. He'd already fought for them, and is bruised and battered from the loss of the woman who makes him forget all else but being hers. It will take everything he has to return, and this time he know failure means the end.
Can two people who have let the silence between them linger too long find each other again? It will take opening the wounds that led to the silence and getting back to the basic belief to rebuild what has been broken. For these two there is no one else that matches them. Together they are the other half to…The Perfect Fit.

How does love survive the silence?  I don’t know but in Taige Crenshaw’sThe Perfect Fit Spencer and Regina must figure it out.  Regina has known since she was young that Spencer was meant to be hers.  She convinced him and married him but then life showed just how unfair it could be.  And neither of them was prepared to handle to fallout.  Spencer can no longer take the silence and is determined to let Regina go.  But Regina isn’t willing to let Spencer go without a fight but can she give him what he needs?  I thought Ms. Crenshaw wove and wonderful tale of hope.  Unfortunately sometimes love is not enough and we along with Spencer and Regina learned that painful lesson together.  But with the help of friends and family, we learned it was an integral part of a relationship and deserved to be fought for.  I loved that Spencer and Regina had love but needed to learn communication along with trust were key.  Finding their center allowed them to come out on the other side wiser and stronger.  I loved that Ms. Crenshaw gave us a relationship that wasn’t shiny and new.  It had some wear and tear and was worth saving.  The journey to get there wasn’t always pretty but it was necessary.  This story is a wonderful tale of love, trust, and perseverance.  I loved seeing the battle raged by Spencer and Regina.  And I was rooting for their success.  Once you meet Spencer and Regina you will too.

             Five shooting stars  and Shining Star award 

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