Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ryker's Pet by Cooper McKenzie

Title:Ryker’s Pet
Author:Cooper McKenzie
Publisher:Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
Word Count:24,232
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
On her first night of her new job, Jade Dennis hears a man’s voice in her brain and wonders if she’s going crazy as she grows aroused by his words. Ryker Jones recognizes Jade as his soul mate when she responds to his telepathic commands. With his family history, he knows they are destined to be together forever. He also knows that they will fulfill every kinky fantasy either of them has ever considered. What follows is one D/s sexual adventure after another as Jade and Ryker test their physical and telepathic bonds.
Can Jade give up the independence and strength that she had forged after her divorce enough to let Ryker in? Can she overcome the past and build a future with Ryker? Can a parking lot tryst really lead to something more?

First day on a new job and hearing voices—Jade doesn’t know what to think.  Whose voice is she hearing and why?  That is just one of the questions posed in Ryker’s Pet by Cooper McKenzie.  After meeting Ryker, hearing his voice becomes the least of her worries.  Accepting her submissive nature may just be bigger.  Jade’s journey to acceptance was well articulated by Ms. McKenzie in this story.  Jade is a strong character that must learn to trust.  She is unsure what to expect and Ryker is pushing her way outside her comfort zone.  Is she ready for what being with Ryker entails?  And Ryker knows that Jade is the one for him.  But is he expecting too much too soon?  While I loved the premise of this story I did struggle with how quickly Ryker and Jade came together.  I mean Jade hears voices and she never has in the past, where was her freak out moment?  She learns that Ryker can not only hear her but also feel her emotions.  Would you just say okay let’s get it on?  It didn’t feel real to me.  Jade briefly questioned it but the moment was so brief as to be non-existent.  And Ryker was totally yummy, but I still don’t know why he was able to speak to Jade and have her hear him.  But his character was a total alpha and sexy.  I loved the way he took charge of Jade in their bedroom.  He wasn’t playing at dominating her he was unquestionably a Dom.  Even though I was distracted by feeling as though I missed something, I did enjoy this story.  I liked Jade and Ryker individually and thought the chemistry between them was believable.  This story by Ms. McKenzie is a nice quick read.

                Four Twinkling Stars

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