Thursday, May 14, 2015

Redemption by H.L. Laffin

Title: Redemption
Series: Family Secrets, 2
Author: H.L. Laffin
Publisher: Jk Publishing
Genre: M/F, contemporary
Word Count: Word Count: 79,230
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
In book two of Family Secrets: Wasn’t that why he went to jail? Because he’d said some hateful words to his parents. Yet, why was he getting a second chance? And why did she lie to him? Nathan Romeo was just trying to correct a wrong. A Big Wrong! A guilt that was eating away at him.
When an unexpected bomb was thrust into his arms. A secret so big, he had no one to turn to but her! The woman he’d met at his sister’s wedding. Could he forget about the rules, and just let her heal him? For she too was suffering the greatest loss anyone should ever have to go through.
It was a simple mistake, but it almost cost her her life. She was told to take time off, and to get help to fix her broken heart and mend her soul. But the nightmares were too much that she couldn’t get past her mistake, or the tragedy that took away the only thing that mattered.
Secretively she went to the only one who made her feel at peace and made her happy, though if her brother ever found out, she would be locked away. However, arriving at her best friend’s place, she was furious to see that he had lied to her. But had he? Could she get past her own pain and help him with his? And would she be able to confess what had brought her to him so unexpectedly, before her brother caught them?
Was it possible that each other was the key to getting a second chance?

Redemption by author H.L. Laffin is the second book in the Family Secret series.  I have not read the first one I was not lost in this book at all.  Really well written book easy to follow. 
Nathan is a bad boy to the core. He got out of prison for stealing cars and going on a police chase. He put his life back together.  He has had tragedies happen along the way. His parents died. His girlfriend aborts their baby. But through it all one person has remained constant in his life.  His new sister in law Donna.
 Donna has been through her own tragedies. She has lost a baby to an abusive boyfriend almost beating her to death. She takes a job helping people much like herself only to have something bad happen making her go on leave. She is a strong character whose spirit makes you want the best for her.
I found myself really enjoying this story for the most part.  It has great flow, and the characters are memorable. I love a friendship that turns into love and that is what Donna and Nathan have.
 I would love to know more about this series and see what happens next. The ending is a cliff hanger so I need the next book to find out what happens next. 

                               Four Twinkling Stars 

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