Monday, May 18, 2015

Shining Star Award Passion Awakened by Jessica Lee

Title:     Passion Awakened

Author:    Jessica Lee

Publisher:    Jessica Lee

Genre:    Contemporary

 (M/F, oral sex, adult language)

Page Count:59

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

How will he ever survive this century with his mind—and heart—intact?

Shayla Murphy has escaped the rat race of the city to work on her latest novel in the beauty of the North Carolina Mountains when suddenly, her peaceful retreat turns into a hostage scene. One straight out of a sci-fi flick. But when the sexy hero who saves her needs a little rescue of his own, Shayla can’t kick him out. Especially after he reveals he’s from the future, and his ride home has been stolen. How’s a girl supposed to say no to that line?

Creed Donovan, Sustain drug enforcer for the Federation of Americas, is on the trail of a fugitive. The chase through time has landed him in the year 2015. More than six hundred years into the past. Trapped in the twenty-first century by a renegade was bad enough for the FOA’s best enforcer, but to have his own supply of Sustain sabotaged by the outlaw as well… Creed was so screwed.

Without the libido-inhibiting drug, Creed’s long repressed arousal will soon stir, untethering carnal urges he’s never experienced. Stuck with a beautiful new roommate and on the verge of detox, he struggles to stifle the raging desire in his blood. For her sake and his.

Review of book:

I've never read any of Jessica Lee’s other books, but after delving into Passion Awakened, I'm pretty sure that she's my new book crack dealer.  She manages to pack a lot of plot in very few pages –enough that I was disappointed when I'd reached the end.  The premise was an exciting take on the dystopian society – one that uses mandatory drugs to control the populace. While crime and violence are virtually non existent, the trade off is that you're left with zero libido.  Future generations are ensured through a well thought out, deliberate breeding program.  No passion, no lust, no love.  I found it more than a little sad, but it truly added a unique flavor to the story.

We meet Creed Donovan as he's jumped into the distant past, in hot pursuit of a rebel who refused the hormonal suppressant. He's a by the book type of enforcer who always gets his man, and he's determined that one un medicated scientist won't get the best of him. When they struggle, the pump that continuously supplies the emotionally numbing Sustain to his system is damaged, and the rebel escapes with Creed’s time travel device.  In short, he's up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  Shayla was just the innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She could have easily played the damsel in distress card, but she didn't.  I found her funny, smart, strong, resourceful, and compassionate.  She was the total package and I loved how she met each challenge head on, even knowing how temporary her time with Creed would be. Shayla faced so much uncertainty; a stranger undergoing forced detox, her own insecurities, her attraction to a man that may very well be mentally unbalanced.  If she'd done a one eighty from the situation and run as fast as her feet could take her, I wouldn't have blamed her one bit.  The fact that she stuck to her guns and committed herself to seeing things through clinched the deal for me.

This novella had all of my favorite elements – emotion, well written sex scenes, an exciting plot filled with twists and turns, and two beautifully crafted characters.  Passion Awakened might be a quick read, but it will stay with you long after its finished. 

                  Five shooting Stars and Shining Star award

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