Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Odd Coupling by Jaylee Davis

Title: Odd Coupling
Author: Jaylee Davis
Publisher: Forevermore Publishing
Genre: M/f, scifi futuristic, paranormal
Pages: 92

Publisher’s Blurb
Bethany Montgomery’s peaceful life is shattered when an alien ship crashes near her isolated South Texas ranch. She rescues the huge feline pilot before a murderous gang of local ranchers can capture him. She’s determined to protect him. Falling in love with him isn’t part of her plan, but her heart won’t listen.

Odd Coupling by author Jaylee Davis has a great premise for a story. Vren is an alpha male who is from another planet.  He crash lands on Earth and meets Bethany. She helps him recover. In the process they find love.
Well the idea is great. However there are some hiccups with the execution of this book.  I for one was really confused at the emotional jumps the character of Bethany has. One minute she is tough and really likeable then we veer off into somewhere else and she is clingy and whiny.  She is a very moody girl.
Then there is Vren. We got to know a lot about his tail in this book, and his well body parts. Much more than I really was interested in knowing about specially his cock. I cannot say that was sexy for me at all.
The weird choppy writing also had me rereading over and over to get the content of the book for this review. I just couldn’t get into this one. I am very sad to say that because the premise is really great. I think this story needed another pair of eyes so they could tell the author when they were being cliché or just plain veering off track.  The one really great thing I can say about this book is the cover is just wonderful. Really is the cover artist to this book is amazing.  

                     Three Red Stars

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