Friday, May 15, 2015

More than Truth by Amanda Vyne

Title:More Than Truth
Series: Arcane Crossbreeds, 3
Author:Amanda Vyne
Publisher:Loose Id
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
Word Count:89,218
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Two halves of whole, rare Drachon twins Taggart and Vincent Jennings once shared the weight of being the salvation of their people until Vincent disappears, leaving Tag to bear their people's disappointment alone. Now Vincent is back, demanding Tag help him rescue the one woman neither can live without, but they're going to have to repair their own relationship if they have any hope of convincing her to take a chance on them. 
Years ago Dr. Brit Mahoney helped develop genetic research that had the potential to enslave the entire Arcane to the Triumvirate and she sacrificed everything she loved to destroy it. Determined to never allow her emotions to make her vulnerable again, she's buried herself in science, refusing to allow herself to succumb to her desire for Taggart Jennings. Then his estranged twin appears and their combined hormones ignites a mating heat that is even more than she can withstand. 
When it becomes obvious Brit's research was resurrected with fatal consequences, Vincent must reveal the horrible truths of his past to give them any hope of a future. 

I will admit that it has been a minute since I read this series so I needed a refresher before I tackled More Than Truth, the third story in Amanda Vyne’s Arcane Crossbreeds series, but boy did this story pack a punch!  This is one tale that does not stand alone by any means.  It takes off where More Than Life ended so get ready for the ride!  I loved the twists and turns Ms. Vyne gave us in this book.  Has Taggart been betrayed not only by his twin but the woman who could be his mate?  Has Brit used her position to harm those who have trusted her with their bodies?  Ms. Vyne keeps you guessing in this story and she does it while layering the depth of not only her characters but the story as well.  I didn’t know who I could trust so how could the characters.  But was I upset by that?  No!  I just wanted to learn more and more and more.  I didn’t want the story to end even as Ms. Vyne began to answer some questions while bringing up new ones.  Brit struggled to accept that she couldn’t do it alone.  Taggart struggled to forgive not only his brother but also Brit.  And Vincent, Vincent had to learn to forgive himself.  Ms. Vyne wove a story that was vibrant with emotion.  There was angst and joy, growth through struggle, and underlying it all was hope.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can’t wait to see where Ms. Vyne will take this story next. 

                            Five Shooting stars

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