Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Malting by Sean Michael

Title: Malting
Series: Beer and Clay, 1
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: MM, Contemporary, light bdsm
Pages: 119
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher’s Blurb
 Sometimes unpredictable is exactly what’s needed, but can Corner Pub owner Damon convince shy Thursday night regular Toby of that?
Damon loves his life—his bar, his employees and his beer. He especially loves Thursdays. That's when the mysterious little red-head dances into his bar, drinks two honey wheat brews, and flits right back out.
Toby's comfortable. He has a good job, great friends, and he gets paid to do what he loves—sculpt. His life is great, if a little predictable. And if he secretly wears a plug to Corner Pub every Thursday, well...that's nobody's business but his.
But when Toby meets Damon, his predictable little life flies right out the window. Damon shows him the big, wide world of the Dom/sub lifestyle, plugs and piercings, and teaches him that maybe, unpredictable is exactly what Toby needed all along.

Sean Michael is one of my favorite authors so any chance I get to review one of this author’s titles I will take it. I loved the sensuality of Malting.  I hope the entire series follows this idea I loved how connected the characters are even if they have just met.  Made me feel connected to them as well.
Damon is a dominate. He has been watching a certain man for the past three years. Always comes to his club and orders the same thing never deviates. Always the same day.  He wants to get to know him, shake up his routine and find the sub within him.
Damon is also very loving, kind and willing to push but not too far to get Toby out of his comfort zone and into a place of pleasure.
Toby is a sculptor. He doesn’t not deviate from his route he has special days for play, for work, for pleasure. But so far he has not found the right man to have pleasure with until he meets the sexy bar owner who will not take no for an answer.  He is a very sensual man, and he is lucky to have Damon as a person willing to teach him the ropes  quite literally.
These two are really made for each other. I am dying to know how they will continue this relationship. I see lots of love and new experiences in their future.
This is the first book in the Beer and Clay series and I cannot wait for the second one. Must reads for all lovers of true romance with a little edge. 

                    Five Shooting Stars

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