Tuesday, May 26, 2015

June 2nd Birthday Prize give away!!

Today you can enter to win the prize box filled with prizes from authors
Kalista Kyle
Ashlyn Chase
Gabrielle Evans
Zayne Michaels
Kali Argent
Susan Hayes
Wendi Zwaduk 
Dani Harper 

This box even has PRINTS that are signed in it.  Every  day this month I will give you a new mission to enter into the drawing.  Also answer our blog questions and you can get entered that way too.
This mission is worth 2 entries~ but remember it is for today only. When the next mission goes up this one expires.

 Go explore this page.  See some of our reviews.   Tell me what is your favorite thing at Redz World Reviews… and why it is your favorite. Simple easy … READY SET GO!

Be sure to post your answers for today's question right here. 


honeyb717 said...

Just cruising through the home page and I spotted the review for Kotori’s Sacrifice by Dakota Trace. I am not going to lie at first it wasn't one that I was going to read but I read the synopsis and review. It seems like a decent love story and it is something I am interested in reading.

I am not a BDSM fanatic but I love a good love story and this seems like an interesting read.

Bobbie B said...

The colors and ease of use. My favorite color palate and easy to use. =)