Friday, May 15, 2015

Jonny Be Good by Stormy Glenn

Jonny Be Good (MM)Title:Jonny Be Good
Series:  Cade Creek, 4
Author:Stormy Glenn
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/M
Word Count:35,337
Reviewer Name: Luna
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A year after his abusive stepfather went to prison, Jonny Foster is finally establishing the life he’s always wanted—with one exception. The growing feelings he has for Russ just won’t go away, not even when Russ makes it clear they can only be friends. After one too many rejections, Jonny decides he needs to build a life without Russ, but that’s just the beginning of his troubles.
Russell Bozeman has wanted Jonny since the moment the frightened young man arrived in Cade Creek. Even knowing how badly Jonny was abused doesn’t make Russ want him any less. It just tells him that he needs to control his desires.
After one night of unbridled passion, Russ is positive he’s lost Jonny forever, but an angry confession from Jonny gives him hope. Positive he can win Jonny back, Russ calls in all of Cade Creek to help him. But someone doesn’t want them to be together, and they will do anything to prevent it, even commit murder.

Looking for a May/December romance with a gay man twist?  Then the fourth installment in Stormy Glenn’s Cade Creek series just may fit the bill, at least in Russ’s eyes.  Russ believes he is too old for Jonny.  He refuses to see that the young man who ran to protect his family is older than his years would indicate.  He pushes and pushes until finally Jonny has had enough.  I adored how Ms. Glenn made Russ choke on crow once he got what he thought he wanted.  I mean she wasn’t mean spirited about it but it definitely had her unique twist.  And Jonny was willing to take only so much from the man who owned his heart.  I loved seeing Jonny gain distance.  And Iadored that Jonny didn’t make it easy for Russ to repair the damage he wrought.  Being slapped down one time too many put the shoe on the other foot and now Jonny is afraid to give Russ his heart once again.  He needed to learn to forgive.  He had to learn that love involves taking a chance and courage is embodied in the simple.  For meJonny Be Good by Stormy Glenn became a wonderful story about second chances and is well worth reading. 

                                Four Twinkling Stars

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