Monday, May 11, 2015

In Zach's Arms by Kori David

Title: In Zach’s Arms

Series Once a Marine, Always a Marine Book 1 

Author Kori David 

Publisher: Self

Genre: M/f contemporary

Pages: 128

Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
 Romance author, Elizabeth Russell lives alone, works alone, and that’s that way she likes it. No ties, no relationships, no complications. But when her apartment is broken into and it looks more personal than per-chance, she finds herself running to the only person who can protect her—too bad he also has the most potential to crush her world.

Former Marine turned securities expert, Zach Steele doesn’t do regret or second chances. So when a sexy heartbreak from his past shows up on his doorstep, desperate for a safe place to crash, his first reaction is, Hell no. But with a stalker quickly closing in and the only woman he’s ever loved looking up at him like he’s still “that” guy, Zach offers up his protection. Working together to bring her stalker down brings them closer than ever, and Zach realizes that it’s not just Elizabeth’s life that’s in danger . . . but also his guarded heart.

In Zach’s Arms by Kori David is the start to the Once a Marine, Always a Marine series. I liked the pace of this book, really well done. No real grammatical errors, very well edited on that front.  Elizabeth has come home to see her place trashed yet again. She has moved to Phoenix a little over a month ago and really has been having problems.
What I found unbelievable about her situation is the police seem rather in inept.  They make no real effort to find who is doing this to her. They keep brushing her off.  This leads her to go to the one man she trusts to help her Zach. 
Zach has always loved Beth. He wanted to marry her and she said no when she was 18.  He went into the marines and now still carries a torch for his Beth.  He is a good person with a good heart. He of course wants to help her.
He manages in 24 hours to do more than the police had done in a month, which again leads me to think the police in Phoenix are not really that great.
Now will you figure out who the bad guy is or why right away? Nope I didn’t see that coming. I loved how that played out.  The way Beth changes her mind about marriage is a little predictable but over all really great way to unfold it all.
I really did like this book, I just found some holes in the plot that made me go hum along the way.  Over all a really sweet good read. Highly recommend to all that like the marine hero saving the day, this one will hit the mark for you. 

                         Four Twinkling Stars

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