Thursday, May 28, 2015

Horizontal Analysis by E.M. Leya and Nicole Colville

Title: Horizontal Analysis
Series: Sinful Temptation, 1
Author: E.M.  Leya and Nicole Colville
Publisher:  E.L. Publishing
Genre:  MM, contemporary
Pages:  346
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
When Zachary is sent to London to audit a very high profile company, the last thing he expected was to meet the man of his dreams on the flight there.

Killian's life has been hell for the last few years, but meeting Zach is the breath of fresh air he needed, even if he is half his age. He didn't expect things between the two of them to escalate as fast as they do.

One night of passion isn't enough, but there is danger in pursuing more, especially when fate throws them a curveball they never expected, and with Killian's ex ready for the attack, they could lose everything, still, with the chemistry between them, staying apart isn't an option.

With an attraction like neither has experienced, they are willing to risk it all, fighting the world around them that wants to keep them apart. Challenged in ways the two couldn't imagine possible, they must figure out how to hold on to something they know they might never find again.

Horizontal Analysis by authors E.M. Leya and Nicole Colville is a fast paced heat filled book. I liked how the authors made me really love and adore Killian. First off he is Irish that had me at hello, but he is kind, sweet, and a little bit naughty.  I loved that combination. At work he is all stoic, workaholic, but give a cute guy on a plane and all that goes out the window.  Killian joins the mile high club in style.
Zach is young, but he is dedicated to his job. He cannot be bribed or does he do substandard work.  He is an auditor wanting to make a name for himself.  He has no idea who Killian really is when he allows him to help with Zach’s fear of flying.  But the connection is so strong they both cannot fight it.  Though I am sure all the people in first class got a new definition of sex ed by those two. Zach is a responsible stand up kinda guy. Even shy and blushes which was adorably cute.
Over all I really loved this story both men are more than deserving of love, they are both ready for it.  They are not going to let a little thing like living across the ocean from each other get in the way either. When you want a story that makes you believe in true love this is the book to pick up. 

                                  Five Shooting Stars

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