Monday, May 18, 2015

Boston Boyfriends by Margie Church

Title: Boston Boyfriends
Author: Margie Church
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: MM, contemporary
Pages: 268
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
A hot hook up at a celebrity wedding leaves Porter Campbell wanting a whole lot more of gorgeous Stiegen Lange. Unfortunately for Porter, Stiegen's career as a voice over actor is skyrocketing, and a serious relationship isn't in his plans. Their hours together in Miami were more than a booty call for Porter, but what can he do?

Stiegen finds solace in Porter's arms when his best friend nearly dies. Then, he organizes an unforgettable weekend of passion with Porter back in Boston. His feelings deepen. Saying good-bye to Porter gets harder every time, leaving him wondering whether his career can remain the center of his universe.

Because Porter's in it for love and won't settle for less.

Boston Boyfriends by author Margie Church is a sweet MM story about love and friendship. Porter is a sweet guy. He has a kind heart and loves teaching his kids at the center.  He really doesn’t care about money, yeah it is good to have but it is not what he lives for. Love and kindness is what he lives for.
Stiegen is the best friend of Porter’s sister’s husband.  They meet at Porter’s sister’s wedding.  They have instant chemistry. Stiegen is not looking for love. He has too many things he wants to do with his life.  But love is going to find him.
I liked that these two also have a friendship not just a lot of sex between them. They grow as characters as you read this book. I like stories like that.  For me the few hiccups were minor the story seemed to drag in places.  When one obstacle was overcome another was put in the place of it.  For me the ending seemed against Porter’s character as well.    Though having said that, I did enjoy this book a lot. I am huge fan of Ms. Church’s works and truly enjoyed this book.  When you want to believe true love does really conquer all this is the book to pick up. 

                         Four twinkling Stars

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