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Bear Hearts by Tamara Hoffa

Bear Hearts (Animal in Me Series Book 2)Title:Bear Hearts
Series: Animal in Me, 2
Author:Tamara Hoffa
Publisher:Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F
Word Count:51,775
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Fate brought them together. Lies keep them apart. Love could set them free. All they need is to trust in Bear Hearts.
Fate has dealt bear shifter Martin Kruger and rotten hand. His destined mate, Dr. Elizabeth Montrose, is the enemy and suffers from a fatal illness. He‘s waited over two hundred years for a mate he might never have the chance to claim.
Elizabeth has long ago given up dreams of love, marriage and children. Her life is her research and now that is gone in a puff of smoke, thanks to the bears of Honey Corners. A tiny spark of hope blooms in her heart when the handsome bear tells her they are mates, but will that instinctual bond be enough to overcome all that stands between them?

Finding your mate, the one fated to complete you, only to learn that she is the enemy.  Unfortunately that appears to be Martin’s fate or is it?  Things are not as the appear when it comes to Elizabeth.  She is fighting a battle on two fronts and it doesn’t appear that she will win either.  But Tamara Hoffa isn’t going to make it that easy for Martin or Elizabeth in Bears Heart, the second story in the Animal in Me series.  How does Martin learn to trust in fate?  Especially when fate has given him a woman that callously kidnaps children.  Ms. Hoffa did a wonderful job of showing us Martin’s struggle to accept that he may be required to kill the one meant for him.  I loved that it was a struggle.  Martin did not blithely accept Elizabeth at face value.  He fought himself, his bear and Elizabeth to get to the truth.  And you knew that he would be strong enough to accept the outcome even at its worst.  And Elizabeth was equally strong.  She has fought illness throughout her life.  She refused to allow despair to overtake her.  She was determined to leave her mark but she never lost her compassion.  She fought for the shifter children even as she fought to have a life of meaning.  I loved that she was even willing to fight for Martin so he would not be left alone.  This story was emotionally draining but in a good way.  It was full of joy and pain, love and hope and well worth reading.

                   Five Shooting Stars

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