Friday, May 15, 2015

A Vampire's Touch by Lynn Hagen

A VampireTitle:A Vampire’s Touch
Series:  Christian’s Coven, 10
Author:Lynn Hagen
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
PageCount:101 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
When Zeke's brother dares him to go into the Manacle to see if vampires really exist, Zeke has no idea the world he's stepping into. He catches the interest of one man who seems determined to make Zeke his. There's only one problem. Zeke doesn't date men. After spending hundreds of years without a mate, Christo is mesmerized by the human the moment he lays eyes on Ezekiel. He is determined to win Zeke over, even if the man claims he isn't gay. But more is going on in Zeke's life and it's up to Christo to help his mate out of a sticky situation. As intrigue and desire blossom between the two men, there is one who is determined to stand in their way. He's a cop. He's a hunter. And he's also Zeke's father.

I will admit that Zeke took a little bit for me to like in this story.  He was a grown man still living at home and allowing his father way too much control for my liking.  But I loved just how important family was to him.  In spite of his father, he was determined to protect his little brother.  And when I viewed this character in A Vampire’s Touch through that lens, he became much more likeable.  He put up with way more than many would and much of what he put up with didnot allow him the freedom to grow and learn what was important for him.  Ms. Hagen showed us a man that was insecure about his needs but strong in his defense of his brothers.  Even as he travelled down a road that lead to truths about him that were uncomfortable, Zeke pushed forward.  I could not do anything more than respect the man Zeke was becoming even as his world became more dangerous than expected.  While Zeke had to grow on me, I loved Christo.  He has found his mate but winning him over will take patience.  Christo had to walk a fine line so he didn’t overwhelm the man fated to be his.  This is the tenth installment in Lynn Hagen’s Christian’s Coven series and is not a stand alone.  You will see old friends and meet new enemies.  This is a wonderful addition and I am looking forward to seeing where Ms. Hagen will take us next.

                             Four Twinkling Stars

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