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A Pixie for Master Sinjin by Cooper McKenzie

A Pixie for Master Sinjin (MF)Title:A Pixie for Master Sinjin
Series:  Club Esoteria, 16
Author:Cooper McKenzie
Publisher:Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
Word Count:24,801
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Mary Claire Brook is a little girl in need of a Daddy Dom. As an ADHD radio announcer and ASL translator, she needs someone to take care of her instead of her taking care of everyone else.
Best-selling thriller author Sinjin Gallagher is a deaf/mute Daddy Dom in need of a baby girl to take his mind off his troubles. His home burnt down while he was out of town taking care of business and he is forced to stay with his stepbrother, Club Esoteria’s Master Gunnar Nilson.
Club Esoteria seems the perfect place for this couple to meet and discover how much they have in common. But life, careers, and Sinjin’s hatred of modern technology comes between them.
Will they play nice together? Has Club Esoteria’s growing reputation for matching up the right couples remained intact? Will Sinjin ever join the twenty-first century and buy a cellphone?

Okay, I read the blurb and I thought, oh this will present challenges.  I mean a Dom who is both mute and deaf.  How will he communicate?  How will safe, sane and consensual allow him a full range of the bdsm dynamic?  But I shouldn’t have worried, Cooper McKenzie did a wonderful job of moving past the challenges.  It helped that Sinjin’s submissive happened to know sign language, but that only mitigated part of the challenges.  I mean what if she is bound?  How is she to protect herself?  I appreciated the Ms. McKenzie took on this challenge and gave us characters that were real and likeable.  Mary was an interesting character in that at times I wasn’t sure she wasn’t playing at being a submissive.  But Sinjin’s needs were what I would characterize as bdsm light, so they gelled perfectly.  He found in Mary something that satisfied his need to dominate.  I enjoyed seeing Ms. McKenzie work out their dynamic in such a way that was respectful and real.  A Pixie for Master Sinjin was a nice quick read.  I enjoyed seeing Sinjin and Mary work toward a meaningful future and you will too.

                                 Four Twinkling Stars

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