Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stardust by Kali Argent

Title: Stardust
Series:  Prelude, 2
Author: Kali Argent
Publisher:  Unscripted Inc
Genre: Mf, Contemporary
Pages: 84
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
 **Note to Readers: This book was originally part of the Seduction at Midnight Anthology.**

Driven and career-focused, Starla Winters doesn't have the time or patience for dating. Other than her family, she has only a handful of personal connections, only a few relationships that truly mean anything to her, but she's content. Or so she thinks. Then the laidback, free-spirited owner of a local toy store blows into her life, making her want things she's never even contemplated.

Turner McCord fell in love the moment the uptight advertising agent marched into his office, and nothing has been the same for him since. He knows it won't be easy to break through Starla's shiny layer of professionalism to the fiery woman beneath, but he's determined to make her his. After all, to love someone as beautiful and captivating as Starla Winters would be an awfully big adventure.

 Stardust by author Kali Argent is a sweet, romance the kept me smiling as I read it. I love Turner McCord. He is a modern day lost boy if you ask me. He has a great heart, easy going spirit and a childlike quality we should all retain when we grow up.   I adored him.   He is perfect for our heroine Starla, Starla is wound a little too tight when we meet her, but don’t worry Turner is great for loosening her up.  Who knew and ad executive and a toy store owner would make such a great couple. 
Ms. Argent brings a quirky sense of humor to this book that really makes it a standout read. I loved the sweet nature to this book. Made me smile and fall in love with her amazing characters.  The fast paced and romance really makes it worth the read.
This is part of the Preludes series but can be read as a standalone read.  I really love this series by Ms. Argent and I cannot wait for more great stories to fall in love with. 

                                   Five Shooting Stars

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