Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sangui: Alphas of the Blood by Sam Cheever

Title: Sangui:  Alphas of the Blood
Author: Sam Cheever
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications
Genre: MF Scifi futuristic, paranormal
Pages: 90
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
The Alphas of the Blood are an elite, alien race of vampires. They escaped a devastated planet that was overrun with plague-infected beasts and came to Earth for a chance at a new life…a new beginning. The change is bitter-sweet for Zeenon Akba, who lost much of his family in the plague wars and fears his only brother might have carried the infection to Earth with him. But when Zee stumbles upon a pretty human female being stalked by an infected, he’s determined to help her, even if it means killing his own brother. Aware of their many differences and the necessity of finding a blood slave to be his mate, Zee doesn’t intend to lose his heart to pretty and spunky Brooke Carlin. So why can’t he get her out of his mind?

Sangui: Alphas of the Blood by Sam Cheever,  I loved this book so much. From the cover to the story line this book is amazing.  I love the idea of an alien race of vampires, that is a fresh new take on the vampire lore. Zeenon is compelling, and someone I loved peeling back the layers and getting to know. He is a multi layered alien with a heart begging for a mate.  I loved how strong yet vulnerable he is.
Brooke she is one tough as nails lady. I liked that she can take things in stride. She adapts pretty quickly and she needs to in the world she is thrust into.
What really had me reading this book was the way Ms. Cheever wove this story. I felt really a part of the story, right with the characters. I love a great story that I don’t want to let go of and this one is one of those for me.  I hope there is a series coming I would love to know more.  The only sad thing for me was this book had to end.  Great story telling, well developed characters made me fall in love with this story.

                                 Five Shooting Stars

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