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Royal Blood by Carol Lynne

Title:Royal Blood
Series: Neo’s Realm, 4
Author:Carol Lynne
Publisher:Totally Bound
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
PageCount:113 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb

Neo's Realm Series

The Realm of Blessed Creatures is under attack.

Enter the land where Neo, the Creatures chosen leader resides. As son of Hercules by birth but also a vampire by vengeance, he resides here in his refuge.

Together, the Creatures and Neo have created a haven for themselves, but it will take the combined cooperation of all Blessed Creatures to keep Neo’s Realm safe from those who wish to destroy the peace they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Book Four in the Neo's Realm series.

Will Nialo be able to put retribution aside in the name of love, or will his anger and untapped power rip The Realm apart?

Spiro Manos ruled over the Realm of Blessed Creatures for centuries in his brother’s stead. Time spent solving everyone else’s problems helped divert his mind from his own. Bound to a powerful but lost god, Spiro has spent a lifetime alone. Although sexual diversions have kept his body satisfied, his soul has never known the touch of the one lover he was born to satisfy.

Betrayed and hunted by his brother, Nialo fought valiantly until his mother, Gaia, hid him away. Forced to live life as a jaguar, Nialo’s found it easier to forget he was ever anything but an animal. One bite from a friendly vampire and Nialo begins to remember who he is and why he was hidden away. His anger and need for revenge are matched only by the desire he feels for the man constantly at his side. It is the touch of his mate that begins to soothe the savage beast.

Will Nialo be able to put retribution aside in the name of love, or will his anger and untapped power rip The Realm apart?

It took a minute for Carol Lynne to give us Spiro’s story, but it was well worth the wait.  This story is definitely not a stand alone and should be read in chronological order as the final installment in Neo’s Realm wrapped up the several story arcs all while allowing Spiro his happily ever after.  Spiro has been a quiet force throughout this series.  He has been father to Michael, brother to Neo and friend to all and with Royal Blood he finally gets to be beloved mate.  To say that I have enjoyed Spiro’s quiet strength throughout this series would be an understatement.  He provided stability and guidance, but his heart has been empty as he waits for his mate.  Learning that the large cat that has been a constant throughout much of his life is his trapped mate sets Spiro on a journey that could prove deadly.  His mate has been there for him but unable to provide comfort or counsel.  Now both men are aware of the lack and both are determined to do something to remedy the situation.  I love that Ms. Lynne gave Spiro an unexpected relationship.  Through their actions and Spiro’s words Nialo has provided for his mate.  Now he wants to provide the comfort of his arms, but to do so he must face his past and protect his mate from a vengeful God.  I love how Ms. Lynne tied up the loose ends in this tale.  She allowed Spiro the opportunity to fight for his future without losing the character of the man we have come to know.  And with Nialo, we meet a man whose heart has caused him nothing but pain; however, for his mate he is finally willing to fight.  Ms. Lynne did not force these two to fight alone.  They had the support and swords of their family and friends.  I think that Spiro’s journey was a fitting end to this wonderful series.

                          Four twinkling Stars

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