Monday, April 13, 2015

Pure by Victoria Sue

Title: Pure
Author: Victoria Sue
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press
Genre:MM. BDSM, Contemporary
Pages: 120
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Callum hasn’t time to take on a new sub for training. He has his BDSM club, Pure, to remodel and open on Friday. He certainly doesn’t have the time to train Lee in all the nuances of submission, even if Lee seems to be a natural.

But someone else wants him. Another Master who has no limits and doesn’t believe in safe words.

If Callum doesn’t wake up and accept the gift of Lee’s submission, someone else will take it – forcefully.

Pure by author Victoria Sue is a sweet, but intense BDSM romance. Callum is kinda a white knight in a dom outfit. He is starting his own club. He is really finding himself in the community when he breaks up a scene in his club. That moment changes everything for Callum.
Lee, he is a what I would call a twink, he is beautiful  blonde hair blue eyed innocence. He really needs help, he has no place to stay, no real friends and now a Dom who wants to take things too far. He needs a teacher he needs Callum.
Callum takes in Lee. He tries to be noble and not take advantage but the heart wants what the heart wants. For both of them. Watching the patience, kindness, and love Callum has for Lee was just beautiful. There are some scenes of graphic violence in this book that are not suited for all readers.  I felt they added to the book and brother it to another level.  The ending is a bit rushed in this book, and a little too neat but the spirit and intent is just beautiful. 

                              Five Shooting Stars

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