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His Undercover Lover by April Zyon

Title:His Undercover Lover
Series: Massey, TX, 6
Author:April Zyon
Publisher:Evernight Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
PageCount:89 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
For six years, Megan Jenkins has lived the life of a stripper for only one purpose, taking down the drug operation flowing through her hometown of Massey, Texas. It wasn’t a glamorous life, and the perks really weren’t all that perky. Or they weren’t before he came to town, and had her entire body sitting up to take notice.

Simon Markham felt a little adrift after leaving the Marine Corps. Massey was a nice enough place, decent folks, and one person in particular who had his attention whenever she walked by. When he finds out she’s in the middle of an operation that is beginning to slide sideways, there is no way he’s sitting on the sideline.

Megan and Simon quickly discover that drugs are not the only things being sent out of Massey. When Megan is kidnapped, Simon will do whatever is necessary to save his undercover lover.

In His Undercover Loverby April Zyon we return to Massey, TX that small town that appears to be in the eye of dangerous and deadly criminals.  And Megan has been doing more than her fair share to make her hometown safe once again, but she is becoming severely burned out.  She is ready to hang up her stripper shoes and learn just who she is and not who is necessary to catch the criminals.  She is tired of strutting her half naked body in front of every Tom, Dick and Harry.  Her state of mind is dangerous when her every step is watched.  Ms. Zyon painted a stark picture of the danger Megan courts and then she pairs it with Simon.  I adored Simon.  He is making his place in Massey and when a friend asks a favor he is more than willing to do what he can.  It doesn’t hurt that he has figured out what Megan is doing and how close she is skating the edge.  I love that he “sees” her and he shows Megan that when it comes to her his sight is 20/20.  I love that even as he protects Megan he courts her.  Simon and Megan click quickly and it feels natural.  Their chemistry is off the charts hot and their interactions feel real.  I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to the series and I am looking forward to where Ms. Zyon will take us next.

                             Five Shooting stars

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