Saturday, March 28, 2015

Trust by Maggie Walsh

Trust (MMM)Title: Trust
Series:  Angel Pack, 4
Author: Maggie Walsh
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: MMM, Bdsm light, Contemporary, Paranormal
Pages: 201
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
When Raith Angel, beta for the Angel Pack, returns home to find his mate standing in his kitchen he can’t believe his luck. But then the ocelot shifter, Dr. Aaron Collins, opens his mouth and all he ends up doing is insulting his mate. Aaron is a genius and he knows it. The arrogant doctor angers Raith and the two clash from the start. As they get to know each other they realize they do have one thing in common.

One night they go to a BDSM club to explore their common interest when they stumble upon a human submissive who is being treated poorly be his Dom. They realize that the cute human is their third mate, Rory Franklin. But Rory’s Dom won’t let him go that easily. When Raith returns home, close to death after confronting the Dom, Rory runs away to keep his mates safe. It is up to Aaron to save Raith, so Raith can save Rory in time. Or will Aaron lose them both?

Trust by Maggie Walsh is the fourth book in the Angel pack series.  This series must be read in order. There are a lot of people we know and love who are revisited in this book, as well as new characters introduced.
Raith Angel is the Angel pack enforcer. He kills the bad guys, the threats to the pack. He is very good and proud of the job he does.  He is compassionate, kind, and fiercely loyal.
Aaron  Collins  is from Storm’s pack. He is an ocelot. Storm’s brother. He is uptight, pampas, and a lot prickly when we meet him.  We find out why, and that reason makes me love Aaron all the more. He has kindness, caring and needs love more than even he knows.
Rory a human who is the third mate to these two. He is in an abusive relationship with his dom.  Raith and Aaron show him what love really is. Fiercely loyal to those he loves this little guy will do whatever it takes to protect Aaron and Raith even if it means he will no longer be with them.
I liked how each character in this book really adds something to the trio. They each have a piece of the puzzle the other needs. Together they make an unstoppable team. The bdsm elements make this book really more intense and loving.  We get to see a lot of back story to the pack and the men. I liked that I like how this pack bands together to protect one of their own.
Over all this series is really shaping up to be a wonderful one I cannot get enough of I cannot wait to see where Ms. Walsh takes the Angel Pack next and who falls in love.

                                                Five Shooting Stars 

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