Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Therapy Rapture by David Russell

Title: Therapy Rapture
Author:  David Russell
Publisher: extasy Books
Genre: MF Contemporary
Pages: 29
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
  Ever had secret thoughts about a counsellor? Fitness trainer? Ever put two and two together?
    Perry has a desire for the right woman to spend some time with, enjoying each other’s company, a romantic interlude that would lead to that one fabulous encounter, bringing complete ecstasy.
    Rowena is a therapist who has endured a repressed childhood. She loves dressing up and feels that the clothes have a way of caressing her body. She wants him to open up his mind to his dreams.
    He begins to ache for Rowena. He finds her dark, sultry and somewhat reserved. He finds hard professional women sexy, and she happens to be just the one he believes could bring out that strong urge that he needs to release. Rowena  wants him to incorporate his dreams into a healing process. She is able to help him release his inner self as the two have some romantic interludes that lead to total satisfaction. By giving into what their hearts and mind desires, they are able to find that one medium that captures their souls. After everything is over, will they be able to face the world positively?

David Russell brings the right amount of heat and fantasy together in Therapy Rapture. I liked how it is written and flows almost poetically.  It is told from Perry’s point of view. I liked that it is not often we get to see the male perspective like that.  Rowena is a sweet loving person that you just want more of. I feel like this story is the beginning of their tale. I would love to know more, maybe make it like a serial and get to see them in the future.  I think they would have much more to say in the future.  Over all a really nice snippet of their life so far and glimpse of what it will be like for them in the future too.

                      Five Shooting Stars

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