Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Reality Check by Sophie Martin

Reality Check (MM)Title: Reality Check
Series: Reality, 2
Author: Sophie Martin
Publisher: Siren- Book Strand
Genre: MM paranormal. Contemporary
Word Count 49,866
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, feys, HEA] 
When Jiminy Jones went to spy on Dominic Sawyer he didn’t think his actions through. He only wanted to check if the private investigator was a trustworthy human that could help Jimmy find his brother. But as Dominic accidently gets dosed with Jimmy’s mating dust, the two men get in a lot of trouble.
Dominic's learning of the existence of paranormals is just the beginning of their journey. A rescue mission for Jimmy’s brother, meeting Tyler and his men and then finding out Jason’s father is a god, all of it leaves Jimmy and Dom not nearly enough time to explore the feelings that start blooming in them.
Can the two men defeat all obstacles on their path and start a relationship? Will Dominic turn into a crazed monster? And what about becoming addicted to the mating dust? The trials are many but Dominic and Jim will work together to find their happily ever after.

Reality Check by Sophie Martin is the second book in the Reality Series.  This is not a standalone title you really need to read the series in order.   We once again meet some people we have met in Changing His Reality.  Dominic and Jiminy.  
Dominic is a private investigator. Jim comes to him to find his brother Tim. Only instead of knocking on the door and asking for Dominic Jim sneaks into the apartment and spies on him first.
Jim is one of those people who can find trouble even when trouble is trying to avoid him. He is hot tempered, irrational, and a pixie.  Wait till you read what pixie dust does, all I got to say is Dom will never again touch Jim’s wings…unless… well you have to read to know the why on that.
Dom turns out to be much more than even he knows. And Jim learns he is stronger than he thinks. I liked that both being strong in their own ways.
Parts of this story are what we already read in the first book, it is just told from a different point of view. I didn’t mind that at all.  I liked the new perspective.  You will finally find out some things you might if you’re like me been dying to know.  I love the direction of this series and I hope Ms. Martin has many more books coming out in the future. 

                                 Five Shooting Stars

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