Monday, March 2, 2015

Quinn's Virgin Woman by Sam Crescent

Title: Quinn’s Virgin Woman
Series: ALPHAS, 11
Author: Sam Crescent
Publisher: All Romance Ebooks
Genre: M/F, Contemporary
Word Count 17,238
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Quinn's Virgin Woman (ALPHAS) by Sam Crescent - Romance>Action/Adventure
Claiming his woman will be his greatest mission yet!

After completing his last mission Quinn Powell is leaving the Navy SEALs behind to tackle what just might be his greatest challenge yet, claiming Kaley Woods. The woman is both his sister's best friend and Quinn’s greatest weakness, two things that would send any sane man running in the opposite direction. But then Quinn’s not the type to run.

When Kaley heard that Quinn was coming home, she wondered if he’d still affect her in the same way. Now that he’s living in her apartment, she has her answer. Everywhere she turns, he’s there—strong and intent—his effect on her more powerful than ever. She knows he’s returned in search of something. What she doesn’t realize is he’s come determined to make Kaley his…in every way possible


I adore author Sam Crescent and the alpha heroes she creates.  In Quinn’s Virgin Woman she has a Navy Seal named Quinn. Quinn is a planner. He is not afraid to have some patience, and to visualize what he wants. He goes after it with both hands.  Who he wants now is Kaley. Well he has always wanted her.  He just needed to give her time to grow up. Now he is done waiting.  Time to set the plan into action.
Kaley is a bookworm, shy works at the library. Her one naughty pleasure is writing steamy erotic stories on her lap top. She has never done any of them but she would like to one day. She has always wanted Quinn but thought he was out of league. That is until he starts making her fantasies come true.
I liked the heat and passion inside this story. Quinn is a true alpha with a kind heart and determination that kept me reading and wondering what he would do next. Kaley more than deserved a man who was willing to go the extra mile for her.
When you want your Alpha to be kind, gentle, and hotter than sin this is the book to pick up. 
                                      Five Shooting Stars

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