Monday, March 30, 2015

Numb by Viola Grace

Series:  Terran Times Second Wave, 21
Author:Viola Grace
Publisher:eXtasy Books
Genre and Pairing:Sci-fi and M/F
PageCount:48 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb

Gala suffered from lack of nerve response and had lived her life numb. Her lifetime was spent looking for damage to her body or avoiding it. When you can’t feel your limbs, anything can happen.

Given the chance to gain a sense of touch by giving her body to a planet for occupation, she becomes the Avatar of Rekfa without hesitation.

Rekfa shares her body and convinces her that she needs to seek out her own sense memories in whatever form they come.

Arez has been waiting for a mate of his own, and the Avatar is as close as he can come in this lifetime. He offers himself to her and is amazed when she takes him up on his offer to teach her what seduction can feel like when both parties are focused on the outcome.

Numb by Viola Grace is the latest addition to her Terran Times Second Wave series.  And it was nice seeing Arez get his happily ever after.  We meet Arez in a prior story but at the timeMs. Grace only gave us a glimpse of who he was.  However, when Rekfa decides to allow a planet the opportunity to share her body, we learn more about Arez and his needs.  And I must say, I enjoyed seeing Arez apart from his brother.  He wanted someone who would live as long as he would.  He wanted someone who wanted him for more than sex.  He wanted someone who could see and appreciate him.  And Ms. Grace gave him that with Rekfa.  Rekfa couldn’t feel pain so I found it amusing that she would relish the opportunity.  It was equally sad to realize that for her simple day to day living could kill her if she wasn’t careful.  I loved seeing her pleasure in the simplest things and I loved that she made everything feel new to Arez who arguably had seen and done most everything.  Ms. Grace gave us a wonderfully sweet tale full of simmering heat.  I enjoyed the courtship that Arez gave Rekfa.  He knew that she had little experience and while he made it a point to be available he also allowed her the freedom to learn and experience.  If you are looking for a sweet, quick read, then this story will fit the bill quite nicely.

                                         Four Twinkling Stars

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