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Nature of the Beasts by Trista Ann Michaels

Title:Nature of the Beasts
Series: Spark of Magic, 5
Author:Trista Ann Michaels
Publisher:Loose Id
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F/M
Word Count:51, 670
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Shapeshifters Dmitry and Dastan decided to leave the protected dimension and their posts as Council Guardians to experience a more normal life in the mortal world. A witch, Sarah was sent along to keep an eye on the shifters as they adapt to human life as ranchers in Montana.

Sarah, who'd known the shifters all her life, suddenly found herself attracted to them. Well, maybe not suddenly, but being around them every day certainly wasn't helping matters. The physical pull only got harder to ignore. When she couldn’t resist it any longer, the outcome shocked them all. Especially Sarah.

All three have come to love the ranch and their new life, but when bodies start appearing on the land, the sheriff, who already doesn't trust the shifters, begins to look a little too closely at their tight-knit unit. If they can't straighten things out, their time in the mortal world, and their newfound happiness, will come to a quick and painful end...


Nature of the Beasts by Trista Ann Michaels is fifth in the Spark of Magic series. It can be read as a standalone. I really enjoyed Sarah and her guys. Ms. Michaels showed us just how close love and hate can be. Sarah is uncomfortable with shifters and she really can’t stand Dmitry and Dastan that is until she is forced to spend time with them. She gets to know them as males first shifters second and that makes all the difference. I appreciated the patience that Dmitry and Dastan showed for Sarah’s prejudices. They knew she was important to them and they were willing to give her space and time.I also loved the relationship that Dmitry and Dastan had outside of Sarah; they were friends who were closer than brothers. They loved and respected each other even while they were not “in love” with each other. They just liked to share and Sarah would be the last and only woman they would share. I loved the way they balanced each other. Their characters were completely different even though they shared traits involving honor, loyalty and determination. They brought something different to their relationship with Sarah and it was obvious even as their love and devotion was equally apparent. Ms. Michaels took the time to develop intimacy between Sarah and Dmitry as well as Sarah and Dastan, which I loved in ménage stories. That is just one of the reason she is one of my go to authors. This story will not disappoint. It is full of heat, love, joy with a dash of action and is well worth your time and money.

                                                                  Five Shooting Stars

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