Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lace and More by Tanya Kelly

Lace & More (MF)Title: Lace and More
Author:  Tanya Kelly
Publisher: Siren- Book Strand
Genre:  MF, Contemporary
Pages: 231
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb

When Lacey Fulton wakes up to find a young, mouth-watering hunk in her bed, she thinks she’s died and gone to heaven. While the sexy, carefree, playful and much younger bartender meets none of the requirements on her Mr. Right checklist, Lacey figures he could be her Mr. Right Now.

Reilly Callaghan wants Lacey in his bed and not just for a short time. He will stop at nothing to have her, including exploring all of Lacey’s X-rated fantasies. From the bed to the shower and every room in between, the normally shy and self-conscious Lacey transforms into a bold, confident woman. Now Reilly must convince her that he is Mr. Right and to forget her damn list.

When things go from casual to complicated, Lacey must decide whether to play it safe or take a chance. Can she let go of her past and find happiness with Reilly?

I wanted to like Lace and More by Tanya Kelly. The thing that stopped me from really enjoying the story was the main character Lacey Fulton.  I really was not impressed that she was in bed with one man while making a date with another. She came off as cold, I wanted her to be more likeable. 
As the story goes on she does make a good transformation, but I still felt really disconnected from her.
Reilly is hot, masculine, and sweet. He deserved so much more than what he got. I really enjoyed his determination and drive.  He is a character I would have loved to see more from.
Over all the book is okay. The storyline is really uncomplicated and sweet.  Which I like in my reading.  Hot sex scenes that will scorch your fingers.  I would like to see something else from this author just to get a baseline for how they write. If you want a uncomplicated romance with heat this is the book for you. 

                            Four twinkling Stars 

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