Friday, March 6, 2015

Kira's Warriors by Elle Boon

KiraTitle:Kira’s Warriors
Series:  Ravens of War, 4
Author:Elle Boon
Publisher:Siren Bookstrand
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F, M/F/M
Word Count:63,565
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, gods, HEA]

Kira lived the life of a pampered princess of a wealthy Japanese man who mourned the loss of his son and missing wife. She’d been given everything a girl could want, but nobody was allowed close enough to love or hurt her. All that changed when her life was threatened and he hired the Ravens as her security.

Thane and Garrick never expected to find their Fated, let alone that she’d be touched by a god. The legend of the Kitsune was steeped in mystery, but they’d need all the help they could get to save their Fated from the god who possessed her brother.

They’d need to travel into the deepest levels of hell and fight the Shinigami to save her and her brother. Kira realizes Thane and Garrick would give up their own lives to give her the family she’d never had. She would fight to hold onto the best things she could ever ask for, her warriors.

Elle Boon’s latest installment in the Ravens of War was thrilling from practically the first words.  Kira feels that she has already proven that she can take care of herself and she doesn’t need protection from Thane and Garrick.  But Thane and Garrick are shielding Kira, not because they have been hired by her father, but also because she is their fated one.  They see past Kira’s determination to hide her attraction for them and her fear of the monster that stalks her family.  I thought Ms. Boon did a great job of continuing Kira’s kick-ass personality.  We have met Kira before and I loved that falling in love did not turn her into a simpering idiot.  She retained her intelligence and strength even as we learned her vulnerabilities.  I loved that Thane and Garrick appreciated the strong woman that was meant to be theirs even as the struggled to allow her to fight next to them instead of hiding behind them.  Ms. Boon’s irreverent humor showed throughout this story and the secondary characters were well rounded and added greatly to this story.  I found myself distracted, in a good way, by trying to figure out whose story I wanted to learn next.  The support each female gave to each other was wonderful.  I loved that there was no backstabbing.  The female characters were about uplifting and accepting.  I loved to see that in a story that was both emotional and action packed.  You will not be disappointed picking up Elle Boon’s  Kira’s Warriors.  However, I will state that you will better appreciate this story having read prior stories in the series but it isn’t necessary to enjoy meeting Kira and her men.
                                             Five Shooting Stars

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