Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Irrevocably Intertwined by Frey Ortega

Irrevocably Intertwined (MM)Title: Irrevocably Intertwined
Series: Into the New World, 2
Author: Frey Ortega
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
Genre: MM, Contemporary, paranormal
Word Count: 52,827
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Jayce Barton’s life doesn’t need any more trouble than it already has: having a poor family and having them somewhat blame you for it was already trouble enough. To top it all off, Jayce gets kidnapped one night and finds himself in an unknown, ritzy apartment.
Dmitri Marchetti is the son of one of the strongest vampire coven leaders in New York City. When his coven uncovers new intel on a human-supernatural trafficking ring right in their midst, their coven immediately acts. Jayce and Dmitri meet, and the sparks fly. The easygoing Dmitri finds renewed purpose: something he’s never felt before, and he finds it in Jayce.
With the threat of a crazed madman looming above Jayce, Dmitri vows to protect the human. But even vampires have their limits—and it will take a lot of love, a lot of trust, and a hastily-put-together plan to save not only the man he was growing to love, but each other.

I am loving Into the New World series by author Frey Ortega.  In Irrevocably Intertwined we meet the vampires.  I love a hot vampire and Dmitri fits the bill with spades.  He is a strong alpha male.  He has a kind heart, very fair in his dealings with others.
Jayce is used to getting the short end of the stick when it comes to life.  He worries about a lot of things. He needs someone in his life to take some of the burdens away. Let his mind rest and catch up.  He does get that in Dmitri
I really like the fast paced story.  There are characters we know and love from the first story, and some new ones to fall in love with as well.   I also like getting to know some of the politics and world building.  The main story is there as well.  I feel that this series is turning into a well rounded well thought out one that I keep wanting more from.  I think Frey Ortega is now my new guilty pleasure for reading.  I know this book will be on my keeper shelf, whenever I want to remember that love is worth fighting for I will drag this one out to read.

                                          Five Shooting Stars

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