Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hammered by Casey Holloway

Title: Hammered
Author: Casey Holloway
Publisher: Loose ID LLC
Genre and Pairing: MM, Contemporary, Paranormal
Page Count: 112
Reviewer Name:Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Thomas Hammer, a pit bull shifter, is bound in his canine form by magic and needs to find a way to break free. He wants to show his owner, Desiree Duvall, the man of her dreams sleeps at her feet every night. She just doesn't know it.

In the process, Hammer battles members of his old pack out for revenge and tries to protect Desiree from harm. He also discovers a secret organization of shifters who protect the outside world from discovering their existence.

Even if Hammer breaks the spell, he still has to win the girl and save the day. Or he can sit, roll over, and play dead.
  • Note:This book was previously released, but has been substantially revised and re-edited

Hammered by Casey Holloway, I loved this story for many reasons. One being we have Rottweiler shifters.  I really liked that spin on shifters something I have not read about yet.  I can tell Ms. Holloway loves the animals from how she vividly describes them made me love them too.
Thomas is a complicated character. When we first meet him he is taking the fall for a crime he didn’t do.  He has a very awful punishment too, lucky for him he manages to come out of that with a new owner.  Since Thomas is stuck in dog form, he gets adopted by Desiree. She is a human who rescued Thomas. They have a great bond.  Thomas loves being around her.  Makes being stuck in dog form almost bearable for him.
Then his past catches up with him, will Desiree accept the man when she learns he is a shifter and her mate?
Desiree has a lot to catch up on in her own mind.  One minute she has the best dog ever the next he is a sexy man.  That would blow anyone’s mind.  But she manages to show spunk, courage and love through it all.
These two are perfectly matched.  I loved reading this story and watching it unfold. The well written story kept me wanting more. I would love to read more about this pack and the shifters that fall in love. 

                     Five Shooting Stars

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