Friday, March 6, 2015

Cowboys and Candy by Various Authors

Title:Cowboys and Candy
Author:Avery Gale, Jess Buffett, Willow Brooke, Lynn Ray Lewis & Gracie Meadows
Publisher:JK Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
Pageor Word Count:141 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb

Lighting Up Valentine’s Day~

Kylie Stone returns to her west Texas home to open a veterinary clinic, knowing her biggest distraction will be the man who has always seen her as nothing but the pesky, young daughter of his employer. Ranch foreman, Gavin McCloud hasn’t missed the fact Kylie is no long a girl, but he worried his kinks might be too much for her, until overhearing Kylie's comments to her best friend about heroes in her erotic novels. Gavin then wonders if their needs might not mesh after all.

Her Outback Valentine ~

Harper Andrews left home four years earlier, but never forgot about the cowboy who stole her heart, Ethan Taylor. Now Harper is home and determined to pick up where they left off, only this time, they play by her rules.

Roping Cupid~

Finally home after finishing medical school, the last thing Harley Brannon expects to come face to face…er… horse with, is a flash from her past—Tim Kindle. Can Cupid knot the rope around their hearts, this time for good?

Edna’s Heart~

Edna “Eddie” Parker had been in love with Mathew Everly for years. When her world falls apart, will he admit his own feelings for her? Or will he continue to insist love is for sissy’s?

Roping Candy’s Heart~

Candy Drake, a local mechanic, set out on a call to fix a broken down truck, never expecting more than a simple service call. That is, until she meets Brett Turner.

Brett Turner comes to town, ready to plant his feet after leaving the rodeo circuit. Who knew a broken down truck and a small little woman could cause more adrenalin to course through his body than a twenty-five hundred pound bull.

When the truck starts, and the passion ignites between the two, will love be found by fixing a simple part, or will their love be heading to the junk yard?

Cowboys and Candy is an anthology with stories by Avery Gale, Jess Buffett, Willow Brooke, Lynn Ray Lewis and Gracie Meadows.  I enjoyed these stories that were related purely by theme.  I love a good cowboy and these ladies brought their “A” game with the salt of the earth heroes.They had little flash but lots of homespun humor, common sense and overall sexiness.  The female counterparts were rarely ultra-feminine, but still managed to keep their softer edges.  There was a mixture of sweet to hot which is always nice to see.  The stories were quick reads and there wasn’t really a bad story in the bunch.  Each story was full of interesting characters and the stories were relatable which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I knew it was well written anthology when I realized that I didn’t have a favorite in the bunch.  I liked each story equally as well.  There was something for everyone within this compilation of wonderful stories. 

                                   Four Twinkling Stars

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