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Assignment: Learning to Love by Honor James

Assignment: Learning to Love (MF)
Title:Assignment: Learning to Love
Series: Hawt Men In and Out of Uniform, 2
Author:Honor James
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
Word Count:43,507
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb

Georgiana Regina Lucille Fletcher, Gigi to those who know and love her, is a romance author who doesn’t believe true and lasting love exists. She knows of some rare cases that buck the convention, but they are the exception to the rule. Then she meets a man who goes above and beyond to see to her health and happiness. Maybe she was wrong.

Michael Burnett had only one job, ensure the bride married her man, and there were no complications. Simple enough in principle. Only it wasn’t the bride being targeted, but a feisty redhead who stole his heart from moment one of meeting her.

Close quarters during a nasty storm help form the bonds between them. But when he ships back out overseas for the remainder of his tour, what Gigi feels for Michael grows beyond anything she can describe. Now all she has to do is survive the attempts on her life and find her own fairytale ending.

Assignment: Learning to Love by Honor James is second in the Hawt Men In and Out of Uniform series.  This story can be read as a standalone.  I really, really loved Michael.  He was Alpha but didn’t overwhelm Gigi or the reader with testosterone.  He was subtle and smart.  Gigi didn’t believe in love.  She didn’t really believe in men either.  She trusted no one but her father until Michael got past her defenses.  He seemed to get Gigi which I adored.  He understood her fears but did not let that stop him from fighting to make a place in her life and her heart.  I loved how Ms. James made Gigi a strong female character that was vulnerable.  She didn’t believe in romance until Michael.  And I adored that she had to have her love pointed out to her, by Michael.  This story was sweet even as Ms. James brought the heat.  We got to see Gigi, much more clearly than she saw herself and I liked her.  She was smart, sassy and independent.  She was loyal and headstrong.  I loved her interaction with Michael and his brother in arms.  It showed us a well-rounded character and made us want to see more of each man.  I thoroughly enjoyed their emotional journey but Ms. James did not stop there.  She gave us an action packed story with highs and lows.  All while allowing Michael and Gigi time to learn each other.  I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

                         Five Shooting Stars

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