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All in the Timing by April Zyon

Title:All in the Timing
Series: Massey, TX, 7
Author:April Zyon
Publisher:Evernight Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
PageCount:103 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Rebuilding her life was never in Elizabeth Davidson’s plans, but things rarely go according to plan. At least she had Massey, TX to call home when she needed a place to tuck herself away from one mistake after another. What she hadn’t planned on was becoming embroiled in the middle of a multi-agency case. Or becoming one of the victims.

Frank Carver, Jr. loves Massey, TX. It’s the place of his birth, and will always be the place he considers home. Because of the nature of his job, and the people he’s come across during the years, he’s always been careful to never lead that danger back home. But when danger finds its way into the very heart of his town, he has no other choice but to return. Especially when Elizabeth, the only woman he could ever love ends up with a target on her back.

All in the Timing by April Zyon is seventh in the Massey, TX series.  While you can figure out what is going on and who the major players are if you haven’t read prior stories in the series, I think it is best read in chronological order.  Frank has returned home but not because he necessarily is ready.  The woman that he loves is in trouble and he can do no less than everything within his power to protect her.  And Elizabeth is a wonderfully strong character.  She has faced adversity and walked away with her head held high.  Not only did she leave with more class than is warranted she has rebuilt her life in a fulfilling manner.  I loved that she has become the heart of the town and willing to do whatever is necessary to protect the people of Massey.  But that determination has put her in the cross hairs of evil. 
I loved Frank and Elizabeth together.  The comfort and trust they have in each other is apparent almost from the first words we see.  Frank’s determination to protect Elizabeth contrasts well with Elizabeth’s determination to fight for a chance.  Together they begin to build something that can survive.  With age has come wisdom and both have figured out what is important.  Ms. Zyon shows us that patience has a reward beyond price and she does it in such a way that we enjoy the journey.  This story is a wonderful addition to this series.

                            Four Twinkling Stars

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