Monday, February 16, 2015

Under His Claw by Viola Grace

Title: Under His Claw
Series:  ALPHAS, Book 7
Author: Viola Grace
Publisher: All Romance Ebooks
Genre: Mf, Fantasy, Paranormal
Word Count: 19,256
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Traded for a blood debt, in service to a vampire, and loaned to a shifter, Zora never thought to find pleasure…

Zora has always felt the stigma of being born to a family tainted by vampire blood. That family legacy becomes vividly real when her great-great grandfather tracks her down and trades her for a blood debt owed to the local vampire king. Zora finds a way to use her particular skill set in the vampire court and her first week goes well, until the vampire king decides she needs the comfort of a warm shifter next to her at night.

Dragon shifter Rigeck has come to see the woman his friend wants him to heat up. The shy miss surrounded by salivating potential suitors is just what he’s been looking for. Her blood will confirm if his instincts are correct. But first, he’ll taste the rest of her, for his own entertainment.

Will their one night together be enough to keep him from taking her to his lair, or will instinct win the day?

Viola Grace has an amazing story with  Under His Claw.  I loved Zora she is part vampire and part something else, that we discover later on in the book.  The vampires want her because her blood can heal them , take away scaring make them whole and beautiful again.  But Zora is not helping the vampires of her own free will. She was traded in a blood debt.  So she is not happy about being in the vampire court.  So the vampire king gets an idea.  Throw a party to get Zora laid so she will be happy about being in the court.  Well his idea works a little too well. Zora not only gets relaxed she gets a mate out of this.
Dragon shifter Rigeck is more  than willing to heat up Zora’s sheets.  But he finds a surprise when he does bed her. Now he will take on all the vampires to keep Zora safe. His only challenge is convincing Zora he really loves her for herself not the powers she possesses.
Zora is a strong lady. She makes the situation she is dropped into work for her. She finds friends along the way and happiness. I liked that she could turn a bad situation around, and her strong spirit made me love her even more.
Rigeck his very alpha just the way I like my dragons.  He is strong, knows his own mind.  He is willing to go after and protect what is his.  Like all dragons his treasure is his most valuable possession.  His treasure in this story is Zora.  
There is some great world building in this story as well.   I liked the vampire court and the politics surrounding it.  I would actually love to read more in this world and hope that others find the love Zora and Rigeck do. 
When you want a great story with an Alpha you will not forget this is the story to pick up. 

                                    Five Shooting Stars 

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