Monday, February 9, 2015

Tuesday Teaser : Author Jianne Carlo


The excerpt is from Demon, Book #4 in The Hades Squad series, which will be released on March 19, 2015, but is available for pre-order now at Amazon.

Here’s the blurb followed by the excerpt:


Demon rescues Jacinta, a curvy, luscious female whose virginity he took in front of four armed men, from certain gang rape, being shot, and who knew what else?

Talk about the best laid plans backfiring.

Demon’s carefully plotted scheme to capture the man who abused him, Pedro Nunez, aka, The Smiling Killer, is not off to a good start.

Jacinta claims to have lived her whole life in a cloistered convent. Claims she was an orphan. Claims she’s only lived in the outside world for fifty-seven days. Yet she’s the mirror image of Pedro’s sister, Rosa.

The sister Pedro murdered fifty-seven days ago. There are no coincidences in life. Not for a retired SEAL.

Is Jacinta to be Pedro’s ultimate revenge on Demon?


“There’s no one else here.” The ceiling fan above them circulated delicious aromas Jacinta couldn’t pinpoint, save for the nutty smell of garlic baking.

Demon shoved the other chair to her side and sat. “I know.”

Jacinta stiffened when he lifted her onto his lap. Heat scaled her throat. “What’re you doing?”

“It’s called foreplay.”

He hadn’t understood. Jacinta didn’t want to spoil their evening, but she had to be honest. “I should like to tell you something.”

“Go ahead.”
She studied the red and white checkered tablecloth. “I would prefer not to make love again.”

“Look at me.” He cupped her jaw and forced her to meet his gaze. “If you don’t want to, then we won’t.”

Relief had her light-headed. “Thank you.”

“Did you like it when I kissed you?”

She sighed. “Very much.”

“Kissing is part of foreplay.”

“Oh.” She knew she blushed all over for even her toes were on fire. “I should like to tell you something else.”

“I’m listening.”

“I should like to know more of this foreplay if there is not the penetration part.” She gestured at his hardening erection half-hidden by her dress. “We simply do not fit. It is obvious now, of course. You need a much larger woman.”

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