Monday, February 2, 2015

Truthful SIlence by Cecile Tellier

Truthful Silence (MF)Title: Truthful  Silence
Author: Cecile Tellier
Publisher” Siren BookStrand
Genre: Mf, Sweet romance, coming of age
Word Count:  33,736
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
After meeting each other at the boarding school Hazel Angenetti lives in, she becomes reluctant best friends with Eric Wright. Hazel’s inability to speak and Eric’s strange ability to identify when others are telling the truth make for a strong bond between them. While Hazel’s affection for Eric grows and matures she is soon put in life-threatening danger that leads Eric to believe he is a risk to her. Hazel is left behind while Eric goes out into the world to follow his music career. After two years they are reunited and the sparks fly hotter than ever. Determined to take what she wants, Hazel makes a stand, one that Eric cannot resist. They find however that the shadow that’s followed them has also not given up. Together they must meet the threat that follows them head on and find a love that is indestructible.

 This is my first time reading author Cecile Tellier and it will not be my last  Truthful Silence is well written with characters I will never forget.  Ms. Tellier has a way of unfolding a story that had me enthralled from page one.
We meet Hazel when she is sixteen and Eric first comes to the boarding school her grandmother owns.  Hazel is a sweet girl, she can hear but she cannot speak.  She has a very gentle loving spirit.  That wins over Eric right away.  It is not explained why but Eric cannot bear to be around people who lie it physically hurts him.  I would love to have that explored more in the future.
Eric is a kind soul who doesn’t follow the rules.  He wants to run a rock band one day and loves to sing. He also is the first friend that Hazel has ever had. He accepts her just the way she is. 
The more their friendship grows and the more they both grow up they fall in love.  I liked that progression from friendship to love. Everyone should marry their best friend in my opinion. Hazel is a very lucky lady.
There are a few loose ends to this story, for instance what will happen to Hazel’s twin? Or her mother?  I would love to see a sequel and have some of those loose ends tied up.  But I for loved this story for its sweet gentle approach to love.  I hope to read much more from this author in the future. 

                        Five Shooting Stars

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