Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Game by Jeanne Barrack

Title: The Game
Author : Jeanne Barrack
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Mf, MM, Multiparnters, contemporary
Pages: 51
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Re-Release: (Aspen Mountain Press, 2008)

A winter vacation in upstate New York doesn’t exactly go according to plan. Snowbound, waiting for rescue, four friends pass the time playing a game meant for amusement, unexpectedly revealing secrets instead. Jeanne Barrack is pleased to announce the Liquid Silver Books release of her intensely-hot, contemporary romance The Game.

The Game by author Jeanne Barrack has a lot of layers to this book. Many different characters finding themselves in a short story. I did find it made me feel sorry for a few of the characters as they to me go the short end of the love stick. But, there are two at least who work out their differences enough to make me really enjoy this story.
David Harris:  has been with his current girlfriend for about a month now.  He still feels like she is holding parts of herself back. They have a chemistry that is off the charts, but he would like to talk to her more, he wants more than sex from her.  That made me happy he wanted the deeper connection.
Shari she has a secret she feels she cannot share with David. She is a submissive. She loves David but she needs to learn to trust him out of the bed room as much as she trusts him in the bedroom.
One trip though with Frank who is David’s best friend and Shari’s best friend Marcie changes everything for David and Shari.   David finds out his best friend Frank really has a crush on him and just how submissive Shari is.  What I love is Shari and David work out everything and really is stronger in the end. What had me not so happy was Frank being left in the cold. He is okay with the choices David makes but not happy. I would like to see him happy he has more of a history with David I was actually really cheering for him and David so when that doesn’t happy I was sad for him. I hope Frank gets a great story with a happy ending. He deserves one.
Over all this is a good short story with some really fast moments.  There is lots of hot sex, and great characters you are sure to remember. 

                                Five Shooting Stars

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