Thursday, February 5, 2015

Soul's Embrace by Tuesday Morrigan

Title: Soul’s Embrace
Author: Tuesday Morrigan
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, paranormal, m/f
Pages: 79
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Kyra Houston never should have allowed her best friend to talk her into volunteering as a runner in the Downtown Zombie Race for charity. Everything was fine until the scare actors stopped pretending and became the undead.
Quintus Milkwood, a Wood Elf and Lieutenant in the Aegidiusian Imperial Army, is not pleased to be sent to locate a small time traitor who has hidden himself among the human population. He's even less pleased when the Elf escapes his hold by setting off a trap which releases the dozen humans he was experimenting on making them appear and act like the "zombies" humans fear.
Now Kyra's on the run, and Quintus is all that stands between her and a future as a demented evil Elf's human Zombie project…

Soul’s Embrace by author Tuesday Morrigan is a funny, sweet, and hot read all rolled into one.  Kyra is running in a charity zombie run.  When the zombies get a little to real and she ends up running for her life.
Quintus is a wood elf.  He is also a Lieutenant in the Aegidusian Imperial Army.  When a trader uses dark magic to make humans soulless, Quinn must bring the trader to justice.
Kyra has a wicked sense of humor. She is passionate and caring. She knows Quinn from work. But when she meets him running from zombies she has to learn to trust him again.
Quinn has always wanted Kyra. Now charged with saving her life he will do what is necessary to save her. Also he doesn’t intend to let her get away from him when this is all over.
Kyra is having a little trouble separating the Quinn she thinks she knows from the sword wielding zombie killing Quinn.
I loved the humor in this short story.  Really made this a unique story. I also would love to have more stories in this world. I would love to know more about wood elves and the other realm.  I hope Ms. Morrigan has many more stories like this for us in the future I sure would be in line to read them.

                     Five Shooting Stars

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